Why should I make my crossbow as quiet as I can?

There are two glaringly different perspectives of thought on this subject.

Does it really matter? One group of hunters believes if you can shoot straight and illustrate enough patience to allow the wild game to enter within 30 to 40 yards from you that’s all that matters. You’ll drop them! As one of our customers stated earlier to us, ”Hunting with my Ten Point Crossbow that shoots at 315fps, the buck should either be dead, or about to die by the time he hears my bow twanging in the wind, if at that point he is even paying attention to the sound at all. Sure, I would like to have the bow a bit quieter like everyone else, but it doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it.”

Whereas, on the contrary, the other group of the hunters want to ask the question “Why shouldn’t I quiet my Crossbow?” Their stance is driven by the desire to remove any and all possibilities that could push the wild game away or to circle around their strategic position. It’s that important to them!

So, if you want to know how you can silence your Crossbow here are a couple suggestions. 

  • Try Limb-Saver ‘Mushrooms’ on the limbs and cat-whiskers on the string. It’s a little quieter, but not a lot. A deer will not have time to dodge the bolt inside of 20 yards, but at 30 yards I’ve had a deer completely dodge the bolt.
  • Try to shoot at un-alarmed deer that will help you. If the deer seems alert of your existence and is ready to scamper off your shot had better be inside 15 to 25 yards.

Various Crossbow manufacturers have designed specific technologies for some of their models to reduce release noise and vibration but overall the limbs and string are too heavy to be effective. Our CrossbowXpert Pro Staff is prepared to answer any questions to assist you in building the right Crossbow to fit your model requirements and provide you the necessary key features to fulfill your personal needs.

In our minds either perspective is personal preference and provides the hunter the necessary confidence to succeed in the field.

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