Crossbow Review – PSE Tac Elite Crossbow

The PSE Tac Elite Crossbow is one of the most highly anticipated new bows of 2013.  PSE has redesigned the Tac 15i to be more efficient and easier to shoot.  

There is no doubt the PSE Tac Elite Crossbow is one of the most sought after crossbows of 2013. Last year’s Pse Tac 15 Crossbow was a big hit among crossbow hunters and the new PSE Tac Elite only improves upon the Tac 15’s breakthroughs. The new Tac Elite is more efficient, more durable, and more accurate.

One thing crossbow shooters are always looking for is more speed. The 2013 PSE Tac Elite delivers speed and then some. This crossbow delivers a 425 grain arrow at 400 fps with just 150 pounds of draw weight. The stock has also been redesigned for 2013. PSE has taken some of the weight off the front of the bow for a more balanced feel. The rear stock is adjustable for comfort and to allow shooters of different sizes to shoot Tac Elite effectively.

The PSE Tac Elite Crossbow features a hard anodized aluminum finish. The design is patterned after the incredible popular modern sporting rifle. More shooters than ever are experiencing the advantages of an AR platform rifle. PSE has taken those same principles and applied them to the 2013 Tac Elite.

The rail of the PSE Tac Elite is designed to reduce string wear and the integrated cocking winch makes getting this crossbow ready to fire a cinch. String stoppers help reduce vibration and noise. Another great change from the Tac 15i to the Tac Elite is the package. PSE now includes a TAC Case, scope, bipod, and three TAC arrows.

Due to the overwhelming demand of this bow, PSE is not able to deliver until April. has over 100 on order and we expect delivery in early April. We are now accepting preorders on the Tac Elite. This puts you first in line when PSE begins delivering. Unlike other retailers who require you to put the full $1,499.00 down to reserve your crossbow, will reserve your PSE Tac Elite for just $50.00 down. We’ll contact you when your order is ready to complete payment. If you decide to not purchase the bow at that time, your deposit is fully refundable. Why pay interest on a bow you won’t get for two more months? Our preorder plan makes it easy. Plus, if you place your pre-order now, we’ll give you an additional (3) PSE Elite Arrows free of charge.

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