Parker BlackHawk Review – Crossbow Review

The BlackHawk features Parker’s proprietary Advanced Split Limb Technology with integrated Fulcrum Pocket System making it ultra compact while hurling arrows downrange at over 320 Feet Per Second (FPS).

Parker is one of the top manufacturers of quality crossbows and they have an exciting new bow coming out in 2013. The Parker BlackHawk is one of the fastest, lightest, and most compact crossbows on the market. The black finish gives it a tactical look but given the weight, short power stroke, and short axle to axle length, the BlackHawk is the perfect crossbow for turkey hunting. The black finish makes it a great crossbow for hunting out of ground blinds.

Thanks to Parker’s Advanced Split Limb Technology and Fulcrum Pocket System, the BlackHawk fires arrows at 320 feet per second. That is nearly unheard of from a bow with power stroke of under 11 inches and 160 pounds of draw weight.

The Parker BlackHawk weighs in at just 6.5 pounds. This makes it the perfect bow for anyone with a long walk into their hunting area, western hunters, and spot and stalk hunters. The BlackHawk is very well balanced. Much of the weight is in the center of the crossbow which makes it easy to shoot and aim.

The team tested the BlackHawk and 30 yards. We were very impressed with the tight groups shot by the BlackHawk straight out of the box with very little adjustment (see video). When it comes to noise and vibration, the BlackHawk is on par with other crossbows in the same price range. You can make it even quieter with the Parker Crossbow String Suppressor Kit.

The Parker BlackHawk comes with a 4 arrow quiver, 4 carbon arrows, and Parker’s RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker. This rope cocker makes cocking your new Parker 50% easier. The BlackHawk is available with a multi-reticle scope, illuminated multi-reticle scope, or the Parker Perfect Storm Package.

The Parker BlackHawk Crossbow is a great choice for hunters looking for a first crossbow or a lightweight bow for ground blind or spot and stalk hunting.

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