Ten Point Shadow Ultra Lite Crossbow Review

Here’s a closer look at the new TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite crossbow.  We recently had a chance to shoot the Shadow Ultra-Lite at the ATA Trade Show and here at our range.  

The new Ten Point Shadow Ultra Lite is one of our top picks for the 2014 season.

This bow features Ten Point’s carbon injected polymer barrel making it the lightest bow Ten Point has ever made at just 6.4 pounds. Not only is it light, the Shadow Ultra Lite is maneuverable. It is just 34.4 inches long and 13.5 inches from tip to tip when cocked. If you’re hunting from a ground blind, tree stand or spot and stalk hunting a lightweight maneuverable bow has to be at the top of your list.

How about performance? This bow shoots Ten Point’s Pro Lite arrow at 350 feet per second. To be fair, the bow ships with Ten Point’s Magnum XX75 Aluminum arrow. With this arrow, the crossbow is hitting 328 fps. The draw weight is just 180 pounds and the power stroke is just over 12 and a half inches. This makes it easy for just about anyone to cock the crossbow.

We shot this crossbow at the ATA Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee and we had a chance to do some more extensive testing with a Ten Point sample last week at our range. The Ten Point Shadow Ultra Lite is an excellent shooting crossbow that is perfect for anyone looking for a crossbow the entire family can shoot. It is light and compact so anyone from kids to ladies to full men can shoot it well.

TenPoint Shadow Ultra-Lite crossbow review

The Ten Point Shadow Ultra Lite includes Ten Point’s 3X Proview 2 Scope, 3 arrow quiver, side mount quiver bracket, and three arrows.

You’re getting premium performance at a great price. The Shadow Ultra Lite is $1099.99 with Ten Point’s ACUdraw crank system… it’s just 999.99 with the ACUdraw50 integrated rope cocker. The Shadow Ultra Lite will be available in April of 2014…

You can preorder this bow now from CrossbowExpert.com. We have a priority shipment of these crossbows coming from Ten Point. Just $100.00 holds a bow for you. When your crossbow arrives, we’ll call you for the remaining balance and your crossbow will leave our warehouse within 24 hours of receiving payment. For your preorder, you will be one of the first to own this bow and you will also get six free arrows just for waiting. It’s a great deal from CrossbowExpert.com. To see more on the Ten Point Crossbow lineup, Click Here.

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