TenPoint Rangemaster Pro Scope On The Venom Crossbow

Ten Point Venom Crossbow with Scope

The Venom is one of TenPoint’s exciting new crossbows for 2014. This is a premium crossbow and it comes with a premium scope. TenPoint’s Rangemaster Pro Scope is an 8.25 inch tube featuring a variable speed and arrow drop compensation setting for crossbows between 275 and 425 feet per second.

The Rangemaster scope requires no adjustment for distance. There are three duplex crosshairs along with two freestanding dots representing 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards. An etched glass reticle and multi-coated optics reduce light transmission and the 30 mm tube heightens light gathering. Magnification is variable from 1.5x to 5x. The magnification you will use depends on the speed of your crossbow.

The dots on the scope are very crisp, making it easy to hold on target. The Rangemaster Pro Scope is also illuminated. You can use red or green illumination and the amount of illumination is adjustable.

Testing the Ten Point Venom Crossbow

We had an opportunity to test the TenPoint Venom in late January and found it to be one of the most accurate crossbows we’ve ever tested. Part of that accuracy comes from superior optics. Once we had the crossbow dialed in at 20 yards the rest of the distances fell into place using the Rangemaster Pro’s speed adjustment dial.

When you first get your crossbow set the speed adjustment at the advertised speed of your crossbow and sight in at 20 yards using the top crosshair. Then move out to 40 yards using the third dot. If you are consistently hitting high, move the speed adjustment up. If you are consistently hitting low, move the speed adjustment down. Once you are hitting consistently at 40 yards using the speed adjustment, your crossbow should be on with all crosshairs and dots at the appropriate distances.

For more information on the TenPoint Venom, see the product page.

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