Carbon Express CX-3 SL Crossbow Review takes a closer look at the new Carbon Express CX-3 SL in this exclusive crossbow review.  The team had a chance to review the CX-3 SL at the ATA Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Carbon Express Covert SX-3 SL Crossbow Review from the Crossbow Experts.

Carbon Express has just released its newest installment of the CX series crossbows, the Carbon Express Covert SX-3 SL. just returned from the ATA Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee where we had a chance to talk to the Carbon Express engineers and shoot this crossbow. Basically, what Carbon Express did with the new Covert SX-3 SL is make the limbs more narrow and added speed. The crossbow is still very easy to draw, quiet, and accurate.

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The Covert CX-3 SL sends an arrow downrange at 355 feet per second. That’s not record breaking fast, but when you consider the $699.99 price tag, it is one of the fastest crossbows in its class. If you’ve ever hunted with a crossbow in a treestand or ground blind, you know maneuverability is important. This crossbow is just 17 inches wide uncocked and 13.5 inches wide when ready to shoot. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting from the ground or the treestand, it’s much easier to get ready for the shot with narrower limbs.

Carbon Express also redesigned the riser. The Covert CS-3 SL has a tactical stock design that makes the crossbow more balanced and gives it a cool new look. The bow also includes a Picatinny mounting system for mounting bipods or the included folding fore grip. Hog hunters love mounting lights, lasers, and more. This bow has plenty of room to mount add on accessories.

When we shot the bow we noticed the smooth draw cycle that Carbon Express crossbows are known for. There is no crank system available but anyone with normal strength should have no problem cocking this crossbow. This crossbow is also super quiet when compared to other crossbows in its speed and price class.

Another thing you may not notice is the stirrup. Your foot goes on top of the stirrup, not inside. It seems a little funny at first but it is actually a smart design. Some stirrup designs are prone to having the crossbow tip over when you’re getting ready to cock it. That is almost impossible with the new design from Carbon Express. It’s a cool feature that will go unnoticed by many.

If you’re looking for something negative about this bow there are only a few things to point out. First, the release date isn’t until August of 2014. So you’ll have to wait a little while before getting your hands on one. The other thing is weight. At 8.1 pounds, this crossbow is a little heavier than most. It’s probably too heavy for spot and stalk hunters but as a tree-stand hunter, I don’t see this as a major liability. In fact, many crossbow shooters like a little extra weight. It makes it easier to hold steady when shooting off hand. This crossbow isn’t front heavy so the weight is well balanced.

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