How To Make Your Ten Point Crossbow Quieter

Looking for a way to make your TenPoint Crossbow quieter?  The TenPoint SDS System and the BowJax Noise Dampening Kit are two great options that can be used separately or in tandem to make your Ten Point Crossbow as quiet as possible.  

If you’re looking for a way to make your TenPoint crossbow quieter, there are a few great options. The TenPoint SDS™ (String Dampening System) is a unique cable-slot mounted string stop. The SDS dramatically reduces string noise and oscillation.

The system’s ultra-strong, custom extruded CNC-machined dampening-system mounts securely through the cable slot. The aircraft grade aluminum dampening rods are fitted with durable, high impact rubber dampeners. The dampeners reduce the string’s normal vibration frequencies on impact without reducing the speed or accuracy of the arrow. The dampener rods are also micro-adjustable for precision fitting with the bowstring.

sound dampening system sds

TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar says customers have been asking for this product for years. “As with all TenPoint products, our goal is to deliver a superior system to the marketplace that is precision engineered and user-friendly. With the micro-adjustable rods and the cable slot mounting capability, we believe we have achieved that.”

The SDS System is compatible with TenPoint Crossbow thumbhole models made after 1999, except the GT Curve. The package also includes adaptive hardware to fit former 6 Point Series crossbows, except the recurves, and all Wicked Ridge crossbows.

If you’re looking for another option for making a TenPoint Crossbow quieter, Bowjax and TenPoint have teamed up to create the Noise Dampening Package. This kit is made up of Bowjax limb vibration dampeners, a retention spring dampener, and barrel dampeners.

tenpoint vibration dampeners

There are two versions available and the version that is right for you is based upon the crossbow you have. There is one kit for crossbows with CLS, HLX, and XLT limbs and another separate kit for crossbows with TL and ST limbs. If you’re not sure what type of limbs your crossbow has, feel free to contact us at and we can help you get the correct Noise Dampening Package for your TenPoint Crossbow.

The TenPoint SDS and the BowJax Noise Dampening Package can be used separately or together to make your Ten Point Crossbow as quiet as possible.  

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