Stryker Solution LS Crossbow Review

The new for 2014 Stryker Solution LS has taken Stryker crossbows to a new level.  Bowtech has made some changes that greatly improve performance and durability.  

The new Stryker LS 390 crossbow is one of two new crossbows for Bowtech in 2014. just received a fresh shipment of these crossbows a few days ago and they are very impressive. Of course, the elephant in the room is the Strykezone 350 and Strykezone 380. Stryker’s previous models were plagued with limb issues and the new for 2014 Stryker Solution LS and Solution have basically taken the problems with those crossbows and fixed them. The result is a great shooting crossbow that people are going to be excited about.

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Stryker beefed up the limbs and they’re using a new laminated material for more durability. The cams have also been redesigned. A more aggressive cam has yielded more speed and made it easier to cock the crossbow. The Stryker Solution LS is 19 ¼” axle-to-axle when uncocked and 16 ¼” when the bow is ready to shoot. It’s not the most narrow crossbow out there but for the speed it generates, 16 ¼” isn’t bad, especially when you consider the draw weight is only 155 pounds.

One of the other issues we saw with the old Strykers was the bolt sensor used for the anti-dry fire. We saw a few bows come in for service that obviously didn’t have the arrow seated correctly. The bolt hold down made people think the arrow was seated when it wasn’t and caused people to inadvertently damage their crossbow. This has been fixed and the new sensor has been repositioned.

The trigger on the Stryker crossbows has always been very good and the new Solution LS trigger is also one of the best in the industry. We haven’t seen the foregrip as an issue but Bowtech has added finger shield for added safety. The crossbow is quiet on the shot especially compared to other crossbows in the same speed class. The string suppressors are definitely an asset. Speaking of speed, we put ours through the chrono and it shot just a sliver under 390 at 388 fps.

The Stryker Solution LS is setup in Realtree APG and comes with a rope cocker, quiver, and five arrows. The included multi-reticle scope is excellent and will be more than enough scope for most crossbow hunters.

All-in-all, I was very impressed with the new Solution LS and it appears the Stryker has taken the lessons learned on previous models and created an awesome crossbow.

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