Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Review reviews the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow. We take a closeup look at The Brotherhood Crossbow Package.

The Barnett Brotherhood is one of Barnett’s new crossbows for 2014. Barnett released the Razr, Ghost 410, Ghost 360, and the Raptor FX this year at the ATA Trade Show in Nashville, Tennessee. The Brotherhood is endorsed by Michael Waddell and will be featured on The Bone Collector television show on the Outdoor Channel. We’ve had a chance to review the Brotherhood Crossbow and really like what we see.

First of all, the Brotherhood is moderately light at just seven pounds. It is very well balanced and feel lighter than that when shooting it. The stock is lightweight composite in a RealTree Xtra finish. There is a pass through foregrip that does a great job of keeping your fingers safely below the rail and it serves as a handle when walking through the woods. Finger reminders are also built into the foregrip for added safety. Other safety features include an auto-engage safety and an anti-dry fire mechanism.

The Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow has a 160 pound draw weight but a short, 13.5” power stroke. Power stroke is total distance needed to pull the crossbow from uncocked to the cocked position. 13.5” is short compared to most crossbows making the Brotherhood easier to pull back than most. If you do have shoulder or back problems, you can add on a Barnett Crank Cocking Device.

Once you’re cocked and ready to shoot, the Brotherhood is well balanced and has an excellent trigger. Barnett says it’s ADF trigger system is 3.5 pounds and it feels pretty close to that. The thing I really liked is there was very little travel on the model I tested. Barnett does a nice job of suppressing vibration and the Brotherhood is no exception. It’s not as dead in the hand as premium crossbows but if compared with other crossbows in it’s price class, the Barnett Brotherhood crossbow is definitely comfortable to shoot. How loud is it? Again, compared to other crossbows under $499 it is one of the best. But it does not have string suppressors and won’t be as quiet as more premium crossbows.

The Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow Package includes Barnett’s 4×32 multi-reticle scope, three arrows, a quiver, and a rope cocker. All of these accessories are more than adequate and most hunters won’t need to upgrade them. The scope has pretty good glass but for those who prefer an illuminated reticle, you may have to upgrade the scope.

Barnett has greatly improved the strings they put on their crossbows and The Brotherhood includes Barnett’s Crosswire premium strings. Barnett believes it has created the toughest, most reliable string on the market. We’ll have to see how they handle an entire year of abuse but our test crossbows have all performed very well with no failures or excessive wear.

The bottom line is you’re getting 350 feet per second with just 160 pounds of draw weight all at under $500. That is incredible value in a crossbow. Does The Brotherhood stack up with ultra-premium models? No, but it’s definitely at or near the top of it’s price class. If you have $500 to spend on a new crossbow you won’t be disappointed with The Barnett Brotherhood.

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