What Are The Best Arrows for TenPoint Crossbows?

Want to know what the best arrow for a Ten Point crossbow is?  Little John Landrith shares what the best arrows are and which ones you shouldn’t use in this informative article.  

The best choice for arrows for a TenPoint Crossbow is now pretty simple. TenPoint is now using their own branded arrows and there are several good reasons to use TenPoint arrows. TenPoint crossbow arrows are made in the USA by Easton. TenPoint arrows are the only arrows to come factory equipped with TenPoint’s exclusive Omni-Nock system and most importantly, TenPoint arrows are required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

TenPoint Omni Nocks

The TenPoint Omni-Nock System includes a design with six micro-grooves that create three separate string alignment channels. This eliminates arrow indexing problems found on arrows using full capture and half-moon nocks. Crossbows are becoming more and more narrow and this quest for a narrow bow has caused some issues for some crossbow manufacturers. Sting angles are becoming more extreme and this is causing problems such as the string slipping over or under an arrow if it’s not properly indexed. The TenPoint Omni-Nock eliminates this issue. 

Yes, you can add Omni-Nocks to other arrows but by the time you buy the nocks and do all the work to replace the original nock from another arrow, you’re probably going to be better off just buying a Ten Point crossbow arrow.  It’s also important to note that Omni-Nocks are required for all 2013 and newer TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Crossbows. If you’re crossbow fails while using a nock other than the Omni-Nock, your warranty may be voided.
TenPoint offers a wide variety of crossbow arrows made by Easton. They range from lightweight to heavy hitting.

Whatever you’re looking for in an arrow, TenPoint has it. Here is the current lineup of TenPoint crossbow arrows:
20” Pro Lite Carbon Arrow – 370 grains with a 100 grain field point
20” Pro Elite Carbon Arrow – 425 grains with a 100 grain field point
20” XX75 Magnum Aluminum Arrow – 435 grains with a 100 grain field point
20” Full Metal Jacket Aluminum Arrow – 545 grains with a 100 grain field point
22” Pro V22 Carbon Arrow – 420 grains with a 100 grain field point


Here is a CURRENT AS OF 2019 list of the best TenPoint Crossbow Arrrows.

What Is The Best Arrow Weight For A TenPoint Crossbow?

TenPoint recommends using an arrow that weighs at least 420 grains for most of their models made before 2012. You can shoot an arrow weighing as little as 370 grains out of TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Crossbows made in 2012 or newer. If you’re shooting a newer TenPoint recurve, you can shoot an arrow weighing as little as 350 grains. Shooting a lighter arrow will give you more speed coming out of the crossbow but a lighter arrow will tend to lose energy faster and generally provide less penetration on less than perfect shots.

If you have any questions about what is the right arrow for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I have found that Mission Bolts are far superior to Ten Point Bolts.

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