Best Broadheads For The TenPoint Stealth FX4

When it comes to broadheads everyone has an opinion. We have extensively tested the broadheads listed in this article but you may have your favorite.

The TenPoint Stealth FX4 crossbow is one of the most popular bows for 2015 and for good reason. The Stealth FX4 combines the hard hitting TenPoint SuperCharged XLT limbs on the body of one of TenPoint’s most legendary crossbows, the Stealth SS. Just imagine a Stealth SS that gets 370 feet per second and you have the Stealth FX4.

The speed is incredible and leads to a flat flying arrow that is incredibly accurate. But the speed can be a draw back when it comes to getting broadheads to fly correctly. TenPoint recommends the three blade Spitfire broadhead by New Archery Products(NAP). The NAP blade retention system is designed specifically with high velocity crossbows in mind. Simply stated, the NAP blades will not open until they hit the target.

We’ve tested this by shooting them down range at 400 feet per second with a piece of tuning paper right in front of the target. The broadheads hit the paper time after time with all blades closed, finally opening when making impact with the target. From there, we took the test further. We opened a blade before shooting the arrow downrange. Even when purposely making the broadhead fail, we were still within 4 inches of our aiming point at 30 yards. At closer range we would have been even closer to the aiming point.

TenPoint Stealth FX4

The NAP Spitfire is an excellent broadhead for your TenPoint Stealth FX4. The Spitfire is available in 100 grain and 125 grain. For whitetails, I would recommend the Spitfire’s brother. The NAP Killzone has the same retention system and the same ferule design but is a two blade broadhead. Because of the shape of the exit hole, a two blade offers a better blood trail than a three blade broadhead. A three blade will give you a better wound channel which is great for turkeys and other animals with a small vital area. However, for whitetails a blood trail is the key to recovering your animal. You’re still getting a two inch wide wound channel and the shape of the hole continues to grow as the animal runs after the shot. Many of the deer I’ve recovered have had four or five inch exit holes upon recovery. The NAP Killzone is also available in 100 grain and 125 grain.

I’ve had great success with mechanical broadheads but some people are still leery of them. If you would rather stay away from a true mechanical broadhead, check out the Ramcat. Ramcats are advertised as a hybrid between a fixed and a mechanical. They are incredibly accurate and leave devastating blood trails.

When it comes to fixed blades, the best flying fixed blade crossbow broadhead I’ve tested is the Excalibur Bolt Cutter. At 30 yards they are as close to field point accuracy as a fixed blade can get. The only drawback is they are 150 grains. This extra weight is what makes it so accurate but it will slow down your arrow compared to a 100 grain head. But if penetration is important, the Bolt Cutter has it in spades. The Excalibur Bolt Cutter Crossbow Broadhead is a 4 blade with a 1 3/16” cut.  The Bolt Cutter is available in a three pack and six pack

There are other great choices from G5, Muzzy, and more. When it comes to broadheads everyone has an opinion. We have extensively tested the broadheads above but you may have your favorite. The most important thing is to have complete confidence in your setup. Good luck this season!

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