Parker Enforcer Crossbow Review

Parker Crossbows has completely redesigned their entire line for 2015 and the upgrades may be most evident on the Parker Enforcer.

Parker Crossbows has completely redesigned their entire line for 2015 and the upgrades may be most evident on the Parker Enforcer. The Enforcer has always been the workhorse of the Parker lineup. It’s not the cheapest of the Parker Crossbows but is still very affordable at $499.99. Parker has upgraded the camo finish to RealTree Hardwoods HD but the facelift is more than skin deep.

The Enforcer went from a solid limb shooting 300 feet per second to a split limb design that shoots 315 feet per second. The limb system is more efficient and quieter than the old design. Parker has also added string stops to dampen sound and vibration even more.

2015 Parker Enforcer

The Parker Enforcer crossbow is advertised at seven pounds of mass weight. Keep in mind, all crossbow companies advertise the weight of their crossbows with no scope or any accessories. With the scope, quiver, and arrows attached the Parker Enforcer weighs in at 8.1 pounds which is about average for all of the crossbows I’ve weighed in this manner. The Enforcer is very well balanced and most people who test shoot it with an open mind really enjoy shooting it and have an easy time keeping the crossbow steady. The forearm and grip design also makes shooting comfortable.

The draw weight of the Enforcer is 160 pounds but the cam system makes it easy to cock for just about anyone. If you have strength problems or an injury that prevents you from cocking your crossbow, the Parker Sidewinder crank is simple to use and makes cocking the Enforcer a breeze.

The Enforcer is just as impressive on the range. I shot three different groups of three arrows at thirty yards using a bench rest. I shot groups of 2.3”, 2.5”, and finally 2.2” using the Parker Red Hot Hunter arrows supplied with the crossbow. That is pretty good for a crossbow priced under $500 and more than enough for whitetail hunting.

Keep in mind that Parker does not include a rope cocker with their crossbows. However, if you buy your Parker from, we will add a rope cocker to your crossbow package for free! The Enforcer does include a Red Hot 4X multireticle scope, a quiver, and four Red Hot Hunter carbon arrows with target points.

Most crossbows in this price range are made in Asia. The Parker Enforcer is made in the USA, Virginia to be specific. Parker is also offering a lifetime warranty on all of their crossbows, including the Enforcer. If you’re looking for a crossbow under $500, definitely take a look at the Parker Enforcer. If you want an illuminated scope, you can upgrade for $50 more.

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