Best Case for Crossbows

What is the best crossbow case?  It really depends on what you plan to do with your crossbow.  Are you travelling by vehicle or plane?  Headed across the globe or across the county?  Matt Cahill shares his advice on the best case for a crossbow.

When many people purchase a crossbow one of the first accessories they purchase is a case and for good reason. A high quality case can protect your crossbow investment and ensure several years of use. It can help you get your crossbow safely into the field or across the globe. A good case can also be a great place to store your crossbow. These days you’re almost always asked “paper” or “plastic” at the grocery store. When it comes to crossbow cases the question is always “hard” or “soft”.

Hard Crossbow Cases

Hard crossbow cases can offer the ultimate in protection for your crossbow. If you’re planning on flying with your crossbow, a hard crossbow case is going to be a necessity. For plane trips to Africa, Canada, or anywhere else SKB cases are your best bet. Some hunters really like cases like the Plano Spire for transporting their crossbow in the back of their truck or on their ATV. It is an excellent case for that purpose but you definitely wouldn’t want to fly with it.
Hard cases will keep your scope from getting knocked around and keep your string and limbs safe in a cozy shell. That protection is what most crossbow hunters are looking for when seeking the best hard case for a crossbow. But keep in mind it comes with a price, in more ways than one. Hard cases are more expensive than soft cases. They are also heavier and more cumbersome. They take up a lot of space. You’ll need to plan for that in your vehicle and when storing it at home.

Soft Crossbow Cases

Soft crossbow cases are much lighter, most only weigh a few pounds. Obviously, they don’t offer the same iron clad protection as hard cases but they will protect your crossbow under normal conditions. When packing up my vehicle for a hunting trip, I pack my crossbow in a soft case and I’m sure to put the crossbow on top of all my other gear. As long as you’re not stacking equipment on top of your crossbow, a soft case will give you all the protection you need and many have plenty of pockets for your quiver, extra arrows, and even broadheads. With the crossbow in the case, its about half the size of a hard case. When I take my crossbow out after reaching my destination, I can roll up the case stuff it under the seat of a truck with no problems at all.
The bottom line is soft cases are just much easier to use. In fact, 90% off the people who leave our store with a hard case come back at some point to purchase a soft case. Unless you’re doing some major traveling, a hard case is just overkill in my opinion.
My favorite soft cases are the Killer Instinct Crossbow caseTen Point Compact Limb case, the Matrix Tombstone Case(for recurves), and the Octane Crypt Case. Need help finding the right case for you and your crossbow? Feel free to contact us.

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