Best Target For Crossbows

What is the best target for shooting crossbows? It really depends on how you want to use it and your general needs when it comes target shooting.

What is the best target for shooting crossbows? It really depends on how you want to use it and your general needs when it comes target shooting. Do you plan to shoot broadheads into your target? Are you more interested in hitting the right spot on a deer than a bullseye? Will you leave your target outside or bring it in when you’re done shooting? What is your target budget?

My favorite crossbow target and by far our most popular selling crossbow target is the SpyderWeb target. If you walk around the annual ATA Show, where crossbow companies show off their new products for dealers, you will see Spyder Web crossbow targets in just about every booth. They are very durable and most importantly, they are super easy to take the arrows out of them. Even a young child can pull the arrows from high powered crossbows. If you have back problems or strength problems, I would definitely recommend a SpyderWeb crossbow target. The only downside to Spyder Web targets is you can’t shoot broadheads into them and they are on the higher end when it comes to price.

We also sell a lot of Block targets. These layered foam targets are also very durable and reasonably lightweight. They can withstand thousands of shots as long as you don’t shoot the same spot over and over again. Another big advantage to Block targets or other layered foam targets is the ability to shoot broadheads into them. Shooting broadheads into layered targets will decrease the lifespan but it’s not as dramatic as it would be with a SpyderWeb or bag target. The downside of a block target is they can be difficult to pull the arrows from them, especially when they are new and/or you’re firing a 380+ fps crossbow into one.

Bag targets are generally an inexpensive alternative to the targets I’ve previously mentioned. They are not as easy to pull arrows out of as a SpyderWeb but they are much easier to pull from than a Block or layered foam target. They generally don’t last as long as the aforementioned targets either. I would definitely not recommend shooting broadheads into a bag target. Bag targets are perfect for budget minded crossbow shooters looking for a target that’s not too difficult to pull arrows from.

3D targets are popular for shooters attempting to simulate a hunting situation in their backyard. A deer target would help you practice finding the best place to shoot a deer with an arrow so when the moment of truth occurs, you’ve already done it several times. I really like shooting a turkey target in preparation for turkey season too. Most 3D targets are made of similar material to that of a Block target. If you plan to shoot your 3D target with a broadhead, I recommend purchasing a 3D target with a replaceable core.

When it comes to targets, I highly recommend bringing them into your garage or shed when you’re done shooting. Moisture and exposure to sunlight will break them down faster if they are left outside. If you do want to bring them inside, at least elevate them off the ground with a stand. Just about any type of target will wick moisture up off the ground if left in the yard. This will significantly decrease the lifespan of your target. If you have any questions about targets, feel free to contact us at 715-386-4188.

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