Excalibur Micro Kryptec Raid Crossbow vs. Excalibur Bulldog 380 Crossbow

In late 2016, Excalibur added two new crossbows to their 2017 lineup, the Excalibur Micro Kryptec Raid 335 and the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 380.  While the scope and price are similar, they are two very different crossbows.

In late 2016, Excalibur added two new crossbows to their 2017 lineup, the Excalibur Micro Kryptec Raid 335 and the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 380. Both crossbows are priced at $999 and both have been very popular for us here at CrossbowExpert.com. Both crossbows feature the Tact-Zone Scope in the factory package(and both have free upgrades to the Excalibur Twilight DLX scope for a limited time at CrossbowExpert.com). While the scope and price are similar, they are two very different crossbows.

The Excalibur Micro Kryptec Raid 335 utilizes Excalibur’s Micro CRT limb and riser system making the crossbow just 21″ wide when cocked. The Bulldog 380 features the Matrix front end and limbs. At 25″ wide when cocked it’s still narrow for a recurve crossbow but wider than the Micros. The Kryptec Raid has a short 10″ power stroke while the length of pull on Bulldog 380 is 13.5″. The wider limbs and longer length of pull are the two leading reasons for the Bulldog 380’s superior speed of 380 feet per second compared to the 335 fps on the Micro Raid. Keep in mind those speeds are reached using a 100 grain tip on the arrows while the crossbows ship with 150 grain tips. If you prefer 100 grain, let us know and we can swap them out for you when shipping.

The stocks on the crossbows are also different. The Micro Kryptec Raid utilizes Excalibur’s Matrix stock. It has a great cheekpiece and excellent feel. The Matrix Bulldog 380 features Excalibur’s new Bullpup Ready Rest stock. The advantage to this stock is the trigger is moved forward about 2″ on the crossbow. This moves your hand forward and gives the crossbow a more balanced feel. Yes, the 380 is about a half pound heavier and 2.5 inches longer than the Matrix Bulldog 380 but with your hand moved forward, it does not feel like it.

Raid Crossbow from Excalibur

The Bulldog 380 includes the R.E.D.S. string suppressors but that’s about it when it comes to sound dampening. The Micro Kryptec Raid includes the R.E.D.S. and much more. Excalibur’s Air Brakes are the most effective way to minimize sound on an Excalibur crossbow and the Kryptec Raid has them factory installed. The Raid also includes Excalibur’s new for 2017 Sound Deadening System. This includes a rubberized stirrup, Ex Shox, R.A.V.S. Silencers, and String Stars. These add ons do a superb job of trimming sound off the Micro Raid.
If you want a Bulldog 380 with all of the sound suppression, we have built an exclusive Bulldog 380 Suppressor kit here at CrossbowExpert.com.

We install the Air Brakes and the Sound Deadening System for you. You get over $120 in added product plus the installation labor for just $100 more than the standard Bulldog 380. Click here to see the package.The Micro Kryptec Raid 335 comes with Excalibur’s standard 4 arrow quiver while the Matrix Bulldog 380 includes the new X-Hanger quiver. The X-Hanger can be mounted either parallel with the limbs or parallel with the stock. It can also be slid back when cocking and slid forward when hunting for added hand clearance.

Both crossbows come with four arrows, a rope cocker, Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire system, and Excalibur’s rock solid warranty. I don’t think you can go wrong with either crossbow. The bottom line is the Kryptec Raid is quieter, more compact, and quieter while the Bulldog 380 is much faster and a little more balanced.

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