TenPoint Renegade XLT Crossbow Review

The new for 2017 Renegade XLT reaches speeds up to 340 feet per second and includes everything you’ve come to expect from TenPoint at a fair price.

In 2016, TenPoint Crossbows introduced a new, faster, and better equipped Titan Crossbow, the Titan SS. The SS was definitely a huge improvement over the previous versions of TenPoint’s entry level crossbow. However, with all of the new improvements came a higher price tag. The Titan went from a $799 with the ACUdraw crank to $899. Still a great deal with the crank but with a price tag that is closer to the premium crossbow market. Thankfully, TenPoint has now introduced a new crossbow that hits the $799 price point with the ACUdraw crank. The new for 2017 Renegade reaches speeds up to 340 feet per second and includes everything you’ve come to expect from TenPoint at a fair price.

At CrossbowExpert.com, we carry a special version of the Renegade. The Renegade XLT is different from the Renegade you’ll find at Cabelas, Bass Pro, or any other national chain. The XLT version we carry gets the same speed but in a more narrow package. The Renegade XLT feature’s TenPoint’s XLT limbs and is just 13.5″ axle to axle when cocked. That’s compared to the regular Renegade at 18.5″ axle to axle when cocked.

The Renegade XLT utilizes TenPoint’s Fusion stock, which is very similar to the stock utilized on the Turbo GT. Put together, the Renegade measures just shy of 38 inches. This is a little longer than many of the compact crossbows being produced these days. Larger framed shooters will appreciate the extra length of this crossbow.
When it comes to safety features, the Renegade XLT is loaded. Safety wings on the stock keep your fingers safely below the flight rail. The Renegade also features an auto-engage safety and TenPoint’s patented DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor). The auto-engage safety moves from the “fire” position to the “safety” position as the string enters the trigger mechanism.

So the crossbow must be in “fire” position before cocking it. If you’re using the ACUdraw crank, watch the safety as the string approaches the trigger. When it moves into “safety” you know that you’ve cocked the crossbow fully and you can stop cranking. Speaking of the trigger, the Renegade has the same trigger that is fitted on the high end TenPoint crossbows. It is a three to 3.5 pound trigger with very little creep. A very nice trigger for a crossbow at this price.

The Renegade XLT has a 165 pound draw weight which is easy for most shooters to handle especially if you get the crossbow equipped with ACUdraw or ACUdraw50. ACUdraw is TenPoint’s crank system. ACUdraw50 is TenPoint’s built in rope cocker. The ACUdraw50 system is built right into the stock. You’ll never have to look for your rope cocker again!

The Renegade XLT has black limbs with a stock double dipped in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo. The crossbow comes in a complete package including three carbon ProElite arrows and a quiver as well. The factory package includes TenPoint’s ProView 2 Scope. It is a nice illuminated scope. However, the ProView 2 does not have speed compensation abilities.

At CrossbowExpert.com, we’re currently offering the TenPoint Renegade XLT crossbow with a free upgrade to the Hawke XB-1 SR Scope. This scope is Hawke’s best selling crossbow scope. It offers green and red illumination as well as speed compensation. There are also aiming points all the way out to 100 yards. It’s a fantastic scope that we’re offering free for a limited time.

Overall, the TenPoint Renegade XLT is a great value for the money. Crossbow shooters looking for an entry level crossbow in the TenPoint line will be very pleased. It’s not the fastest, quietest, or lightest in the line but it is a solid performer that will definitely get the job done in the whitetail woods.

The Renegade XLT is available for $799 with ACUdraw and $699 with ACUdraw50. If you have any other questions regarding this crossbow or others, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@crossbowexpert.com

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