How To Load An Arrow In An Excalibur Crossbow

Excalibur Crossbow Arrow Loading Tip

Whether it’s the budget minded Excalibur GRZ-2 or the super speedy Bulldog 400, if this is your first crossbow you probably have a bunch of questions. How to put the arrow into your crossbow probably wasn’t something you thought of when purchasing but there is a right way and wrong way to do it.

Once the crossbow is cocked, make sure it is in safety. Many crossbows automatically move from “fire” to “safe” when cocked. Excalibur crossbows do not. Be sure to switch the safety over to the “safe” position before putting an arrow in.

After the safety is set slide the arrow down the rail while keeping your fingers and hands out of the way of the string and its path. Be sure the crossbow is pointed in a safe direction. Excalibur Crossbows use a flat nock. The factory arrows have a metal flat nock with a threaded hole. The hole allows the user to pull arrows out a target using Excalibur’s T-Handle puller. Because of the flat nock, there is no cock feather. The arrow can be loaded with any vane pointed down.

As the arrow goes past the retaining spring and under the scope mount you will feel a bump if your crossbow is equipped with Excalibur’s Guardian Anti-Dry Fire System. Continue pushing the arrow past the anti-dry fire until the arrow is sitting tightly against the string. It is very important that the arrow is seated directly on the string. If you don’t push it back far enough, you could encounter a partial dry fire situation. What happens in that situation is the string hops over the arrow and fires as if it was a dry-fire, potentially damaging your crossbow.

Your Excalibur Crossbow is ready to shoot

Once the arrow is in, you’re ready to shoot. Be sure to keep your fingers below the rail when shooting. Anything that is at rail level when the crossbow is shot will be damaged or destroyed including shooting sticks, slings, or fingers. Good luck and enjoy your crossbow.

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