Getting Ready For Deer Season

Before you know it, deer season will be here. Are you ready? Having yourself, your equipment, and your favorite hunting spot ready is paramount to having a successful season. Even if the season is still months away, you can start preparing now.

Practicing with your crossbow helps you be ready to shoot well when the moment arrives. Before shooting a crossbow, check the strings and cables. Are they fraying? Do they feel dry? How long have they been on your crossbow? Most crossbows should have their strings replaced every two or three years. You should regularly wax your strings. The rail should be lubricated with a high quality rail lubricant every 30-50 shots. Use crossbow rail lubricant, not RemOil or WD-40. Both of those products can break down crossbow string components.

It’s also a good time to choose broadheads and practice shooting with them. I would recommend sacrificing one broadhead from a pack of three to practice with. Don’t use your practice head for hunting, especially not without changing the blades. Target practice will definitely dull the blades and can potentially alter the ferrule of the broadhead. Find a broadhead that shoots well and you’re confident in.

Summer is also a good time to investigate your hunting area. Study the topography and lay of the land with satellite maps and then visit the area to confirm your findings. Look for trails, droppings, or beds. I like to walk fence lines looking for areas deer cross. If deer find a spot that is easy to cross a fence they will often utilize that spot. Look for hair on the fence. Does and young deer will usually go under a barbed wire fence. Bucks will jump over.

If you can hang a stand ahead of time, it can be a great time saver during the season. Put your stand up and then get in it. Look around for shooting lanes and cut off any twigs or branches that could interfere with your shot. Even if you can’t leave a stand in the woods it’s a good idea to put a stand up and clear a few lanes. Take the stand down after preparing the area and mark the spot. This will save you a lot of time once the season starts. I also like to clear an entry into my stand area if there is thick brush. This allows you to get in without laying down extra scent or getting your gear snagged on brush when the hunt is on.

Deer season will be hear before you know it. Don’t be caught unprepared.

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