Alpha Nock from TenPoint: More Engagement Equals Better Accuracy

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Video from the TenPoint Factory explaining more about their new Alpha-Nock and Alpha-Brite systems

TenPoint’s new Alpha Nock system is an awesome new advancement in crossbow engineering that will (or should) make a lot of TenPoint shooters past, present, and future very excited. The crossbow market has seen an exciting shift toward narrow-limb crossbows such as the Stealth NXT and Shadow NXT, and as a result, new nock technology has been introduced as well.

The seemingly simple new design and upgrade might not seem like a big deal, but trust me; it’s a big deal. The team at TenPoint Crossbows has spent an incredible amount of time engineering this new nock system to be more safe, more accurate, and more consistent than any nock system on the market.

String to Nock Engagement

Because of the string angle’s produced by ultra-narrow limb crossbows, nock systems of the past have encountered problems with nock pinching and inconsistencies with nock placement on the string. The bulk of the design ideaology behind the Alpha Nock and Alpha Brite nocks is to increase string to nock engagement. What this really means is the string is coming into contact with more surface area which allows the nock to stay positioned in the same spot on the string shot after shot.

Green TenPoint Alpha Nock and Alpha Brite system provides 28% greater string-to-nock engagement than traditional style crossbow nocks.
Graphic Rendering of how the Alpha-Nock engages with the crossbow string.

Alpha-Nocks have several easy to miss features that make a big difference. The elongated “ears” or “tips of the nock provide plenty of room to make sure your string is fully seated inside of the nock. The deep groove that is created by this is what allows the string to stay safely seated within the nock system.

The sides of the nock have also been engineered to have a smooth taper. Typical “half moon” or “crescent” style nocks can be pinched by narrow bows, but the taper on the Nock prevents this as well.

TenPoint Alpha nock prevents string pinch on narrow crossbows, and features elongated ears with a deep bowstring groove.
The Alpha Nock features elongated ears, a deep bowstring groove, and smooth edges to avoid nock pinch.

Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System

TenPoint’s popular interchangeable lighted nock system has also been fused with the new Alpha Nock technology. The lighted nock system may seem very familiar to TenPoint shooters who have Omni-Brite or Omni-Nock arrows. It’s actually a pretty simple and slick system.

  1. Nock Receiver is inserted and glued into the end of the arrow shaft and indexed to properly align with the vanes.
  2. Lighted LED unit is placed inside the nock receiver’s hollow cavity.
  3. The Alpha-Brite Nock itself is placed over the whole unit, and the small tabs should lineup with the notches on the nock receiver.
Rendering showing Alpha-Brite components being installed into an arrow. (Available in Green or Red).

When the crossbow is fired, the small gap that exists between the components is compressed and the lighted stick is activated thus turning on the light. The LED unit is said to have a battery life of approximately 8 hours.

Turning the unit off is equally as easy. Simply pull out the Nock, and pull on the lighted end of the LED Unit to turn it off.

Wrapping it Up

It might not make any headlines, and you might not hear the sales pitch very often, but we here at Crossbow Experts are really excited about the New for 2019 Alpha Nock and Alpha Brite crossbow nock systems from TenPoint.

You can pick up a set of Evo-X CenterPunch arrows with Alpha Nocks or Alpha Brites on our website, or you can buy the Alpha Brite Lighted Nock system. ProElite’s with Alpha Nocks are also available here.

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  1. I have five tenpoints and would it be safe to use the Alfa on all. Thank you. Vincent

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