Ravin Helicoil Cams: A Recipe for Accuracy in the Field and on the Range

It’s no secret that the Ravin line of crossbows has taken the crossbow market by storm the past couple of years, and 2019 is no different. The introduction of the crazy compact new Ravin R26 and R29 that operates on the same Helicoil platform of models previous proves just how successful the engine behind the Ravin bows are. Let’s take a look at the Helicoil cam system and it’s many innovative features that make the Ravin a shooting machine.

Versa-Draw Cocking System

The Versadraw Cocking Mechanism is one of the most sleek and efficient cranks on the market. The crank is fully integrated into the stock of the crossbow, and is fully ambidextrous for ease of use by right and left handed shooters both. The unit also solves a very big problem of draw weight. The force necessary to cock one of these crossbows with a rope sled is incredible, yet the Versadraw crank reduces the cocking effort to just 12 pounds.

Ravin versa draw firing system
Ambidextrous and Seamless Integrated Silent Versadraw Crank

Trac Trigger Firing System

Another unique feature of the Versadraw is it actually lowers the whole trigger mechanism on the crank. Ravin’s Trac Trigger is extremely unique in the fact that the whole trigger box slides down the rail to attach to the string. Then using the Versadraw, is cranked back up into the firing position. This is a great feature not only for safety during operation but it also ensures that your string catches in the same spot ever time which results in better consistency when shooting.

Ravin Trac Trigger firing system
The whole Trac Trigger slides down the rail to catch the string.

Frictionless Flight Rail

The Friction-less Flight System from Ravin reduces a lot of potential accuracy and maintenance issues commonly found with most crossbows. For starters, because the arrow floats freely above the rail, the reduced amount of friction should allow for the arrow to fly more accurately and consistently. The reduced friction also means that your strings and cables aren’t rubbing on the rail nearly as much, which increases string and cable life as well.

The arrow floats freely above the rail.

Helicoil Cams

The whole system works flawlessly together mostly in part to the HeliCoil cams. This unique cam system coils the cables in both directions, on top and on bottom of the cam. Because of this, the cam’s rotate 340 degrees during a shot cycle, creating an incredible amount of energy in an ultra compact platform like found on the R29 and R26. The same technology also ensures that the cams remain perfectly level through out the shot process, another accuracy inducing factory.

The combination of all this technology helps create one of the safety, most efficient shooting systems available on the crossbow market today. We have sold a lot of the New 2019 Ravin R26 and Ravin R29 bows so far this year and we are thrilled with the amount of positive feedback we have received. Head on over to our shop page and take a look at our different packages, I think you might like what you see!

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  1. Another great blog post by Brody! Very detailed and really helps me understand the Helicoil technology from Ravin. Super cool article. Thanks for sharing!!

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