Excalibur Tact 100 Crossbow Scope: 3 Reasons You Need One

Excalibur’s improvements to their 2019 lineup have kind of flown under the radar in the market this year. A lot of new and improved technology has been released, including an upgraded scope, the Tact 100. There are 3 main upgrades that Excalibur introduced with this scope that makes this scope an incredible value, especially when it comes standard with the New Micro, Bulldog, and Assassin.

New 100 Yard Multiplex Reticle

Because of the advancements in technology, crossbows are becoming more and more accurate out past previously standard distances. The new Tact 100 comes with a feature that a lot of today’s crossbow shooters are asking for, a 100 yard multi-reticle aiming system that allows you to make on the fly adjustments in yardage without taking your eye off the crosshair.

Tact 100 Scope Reticle v.s. Tact Zone Scope Reticle

The new Fast Point reticle from Excalibur works in unison with an adjustable speed dial to make sure your crossbow is accurate at all of the distances in the scope. Just turn the dial to your crossbow’s speed and mathematically you’re sighted in from 20 to 100 yards. This may take a little adjustment up or down by a couple of FPS to be correct out to distance, but it’s always close and usually right on.

15% Wider Field Of View

This new Fast Point Multiplex Reticle on the Tact 100 has also made the field of view 15% greater than on previous Excalibur scopes. This is good for a multitude of reasons:

  1. Allows you to see more through the scope, making it easier to locate and stay on your target.
  2. Wider field of view means more light transmission.

This means that with Excalibur’s historically great glass and the Red / Green illumination, you will be able to sit later and increase your chances of getting a critter in prime time, or being able to get your scope on them at least.

Excalibur’s Warranty

Let’s face it, when you’re out in the field or even on the range things can happen and stuff can break. Luckily, Excalibur’s Tact 100 is an extremely sturdy, reliable, and precise optic and we have had zero returns or complaints about them.


If something ever were to happen, rest assured you know that the excellent Customer Service team at Excalibur Crossbows will take care of you. We try to help fix our customer’s issues in any way possible, but sometimes the best option for anyone is to let the warranty department handle it.

If you’re trying to decide on a replacement scope for your crossbow, or are simply interested in learning more about the Tact 100, you can find it listed on our website Here. This scope also comes standard with Excalibur’s new 2019 Bows, the Assassin 420 TD, the Bulldog 440, and the Micro 360 TD.

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