TenPoint T5 Trigger Delivers Match Grade Results

One aspect of the crossbow market that has always evaded technical advancement has been crossbow triggers. TenPoint has figured out how to get a great, smooth pulling, consistent trigger with all the safety features you would want in their 2019 bows.

The new T5 Trigger from TenPoint features 50% less creep than past TenPoint trigger models. This has been a sore spot with crossbow shooters of the past as the trigger creep can hurt your shot in more ways than one. It becomes much easier to pull your shot with a harder trigger pull, and even the tiniest movement can mean major changes in your arrow’s impact.

The T5 Trigger on a Nitro XRT (outlined in white).

The T5 Trigger breaks right at around 3.5 pounds reducing the chance of pulling a shot at the last second. Modern day rifle shooters who often times shoot in competition have their triggers set very low on poundage. The same ideology behind what makes a rifle more accurate applies to the new T5 match grade trigger, the lighter the pull, the more probable it is a mistake in the shot process will be avoided.

A graphic from TenPoint showing the internals of the trigger.

The internal components are also made to a much higher standard of tolerances in the machining process. This is huge for consistency and for going through the same shot sequence time and time again for achieving maximum accuracy. The CNC machining technology used on some of these internal components is pretty crazy!

TenPoint’s New Bows for 2019

All of TenPoint Crossbow’s new 2019 crossbows come standard with the TenPoint T5 Trigger, so if you’re in the market for a great shooting bow with a stellar trigger be sure to check those out! The trigger can also be installed in previous TenPoint models, however, the bow must be sent to the factory for installation (for safety and warranty purposes).

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