Mission Crossbows RSD Crank and Benchmark Trigger Review

Removable Silent Draw (RSD) Crank

The 2018 Mission Sub-1 generated an extreme amount of buzz in the outdoor industry and in the crossbow industry especially. One of the accessories that compliments this bow best is the Removable Silent Draw cocking mechanism from Mission Crossbows.

The RSD is an amazing cocking unit that has several features that are sure to impress even the pickiest of crossbow enthusiasts. It is completely removable, which means in a hunting situation there is no need to keep the crank on your crossbow (although, it is entirely possible).

The underside of an RSD unit, showing the quick release function.

The Cocking Mechanism is also dead silent, which means that you can safely carry your crossbow to the stand in the un-cocked position and load an arrow while you’re in the stand. This is a huge benefit for hunters that might have a long walk to their spot or that simply just want to practice being as safe as possible while enjoying time outdoors.

Perhaps the coolest feature on Mission’s RSD is the ability to stop cocking mid draw! This means that if for whatever reason while your cocking the crossbow back you let go of the handle, the crank will hold the string right where it sits, instead of free spooling potentially causing injury or damage to your crossbow. Simply put, a Sub-1 paired with the RSD is one of the most user friendly and safest crossbows on the market.

Benchmark Fire Control

The Benchmark Fire Control system from Mission does so much for the shooter and is often overlooked. It starts with a 7075 Aluminum scope rail, which means whatever you mount will be secured to a light, but incredibly durable scope rail. Obviously, this has several advantages for the bench shooter and the hunter.

Benchmark Fire Control on a Sub-1

The arrow retention arm has also been re-engineered by Mission to be more consistent and last longer. Instead of the traditional bristle retention system, Mission has integrated a really unique one piece arm that is made of solid material, which means that there is virtually no way you could wear out the retention arm from use.

Arrow Retention Arm

Again, saving the best for last, is the ability to de-cock your crossbow with just the push of a button. This feature gathered a lot of attention, because until recently crossbows had to be shot to be un-cocked, and now, they can be cocked with EASE.

Mission has made it so simple to un-cock the Sub-1 lineup of crossbows. The de-cocking process is really as simple as the push of a button, applying slight back pressure (whether with a rope cocker or the RSD) and then letting down your string. This simplicity and safety make the Benchmark Fire Control system what it is; one of the Best shooting systems on the market today.

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