Excalibur’s New Quick Loc Crossbow Front End

Quick Take Down Changes the Game

Never before has a crossbow been so easy to store, to travel with, or to carry into the woods. Excalibur Crossbow has released a new technology onto the market that has already made a lot of shooters very happy!

The Quick Loc Technology allows the entire front end of these crossbows to be removed and re-assembled in a matter of minutes. No allen wrenches, no lost bolts; just disassemble your bow in two simple steps.

Taking apart the Quick Loc Limbs on an Assassin 420 TD

Step #1: Push down on the blue lever located on the underside and towards the front of the crossbow.

Disassembling a Take Down Assassin Crossbow

Step 2: Push the foot stirrup upwards, separating the internal mechanism that holds the limbs to the rail.

Step 3: Pull upwards on the limbs, and you’re done! Your Excalibur is fully disassembled and ready to be stored / traveled with.

One concern a few customers have expressed is if there will be a loss in accuracy due to taking the limbs off and on. From our experience, and our testing, that isn’t true. I have been shooting a Micro 360 at home and have taken apart / put it together more than 25 times, and I am still on my original zero and pounding tacks past 60 yards.

Excalibur Explore Case: The Perfect Companion

Excalibur has a soft case called the Explore case that is absolutely perfect for Quick Loc bows. The limbs and riser have their own separate pockets, there is a dedicated pocket for arrows, a convenient shoulder strap, and several other pockets

Excalibur Explore Case main compartment

The Explore case works good with other Excalibur Crossbow models as well, such as the Bulldog 400. The only difference is there is no Quick Loc technology, so in order to store your bow you have to disassemble the front end using your Allen wrench.

The Limb Compartment on the Excalibur Explore Case.

The engineers at Excalibur also used the Quick Loc technology to create their quietest bow ever, the Micro 360 Take Down. This bow is the child of the Micro Suppressor and the Quick Loc technology actually helped to reduce noise on these bows unintentionally. I can assure you from personal experience, the 360 is a pleasure to shoot, especially with the Pro-Shot ACP Trigger.

Overall, the Quick Loc technology from Excalibur has opened up a whole new realm of possibility for travel, storage, and countless other opportunities. If you’re a hunter that has to travel a long ways into your spot or you need to carry a lot of gear, combine your Excalibur with the Explore case and go farther, hunt more, and enjoy your crossbow like you never thought possible.

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