Ravin Crossbow Hard, Soft, and Arrow Cases: New for 2019

Ravin Crossbows Hard Case, Soft Case, and Arrow Case for the R29 and R26 Crossbows
The new Hard Case, Soft Case, and Arrow Case from Ravin Crossbows

Ravin Crossbows came out with two amazing new crossbows in 2019; the Ravin R26 and Ravin R29. These two compact crossbows have generated a lot of interest from consumers, but one question interested buyers ask is always about what case to use with it? Well, Ravin responded and introduced two new crossbow cases, a Soft Case and Hard Case specifically for the R26 and R29.

Ravin Hard Case for R26 and R29 Only

The new Ravin Hard Case is built like an absolute tank, and the foam cut out is designed specifically for the new Ravin R26 and Ravin R29. This case has several high end features that will make even the most worrisome hunter’s at ease. The case itself is built like a rock; it is extremely sturdy and durable.

The foam cut out is specifically designed for the new Ravin’s, and they do make another Hard Case that fit’s older model bows such as the R20 and the R10. (They look very similar, so double check to make sure you’re getting the right one). There is space on both sides for your arrows to sit with the quiver still attached to the bow, which means less time setting up before your hunt.

Ravin Hard Case featuring strong foam cutouts for arrows and other accessories.
Foam cutouts for your arrows, crank handle, and any other accessories.

The case has several different handles to carry and/or haul your crossbow wherever you’re going. The latches and handles all have that great, durable feel to them. The top handle works in conjunction with the wheels on the bottom of the case, which are also a great added feature. This makes the case very easy to travel with on airplane and/or road trips.

Ravin hard case wheels and secure latches.
The wheels work flawlessly, and work much better than even average quality luggage wheels.

The case also features a manual air vent for traveling at elevation, to ensure there is no damage or unintended adjustments when you arrive to wherever you’re traveling.

Manual air vent for altitude and crossbow safety.
The latches, handles, and air vent are all great features on this case.

Overall, the new Ravin Hard Case is an excellent option for storing or traveling with your new R29 or R26. There is very little room for worry if using this case with your bow, it is built like a tank!

The New Backpack Soft Case

Recognizing the need for another case option for today’s Ravin shooters, they also introduced a specific soft case for their new bows, the new Ravin Soft Case. This soft case is also built very well, and is adjustable to allow a variety of configurations if desired. It features two top pockets, and two storage spaces on the inside when the padded dividers are installed like they are intended to be.

Ravin Soft Case Top View designed specifically for their new compact crossbows.
The New for 2019 Ravin Crossbow Soft Case

The soft case has ample padding on the inside, and the dividers attach to the outsides and the bottom with Velcro, so you can adjust them to get just the right fit.

The padded dividers also have notches in them so you can store your crossbow with arrows still in the quiver, which is a great feature added by the team at Ravin Crossbows. This makes it so much easier to just pull your bow out and go, without having to worry if you’re missing something (it happens to the best of us!).

Ravin soft case inside look with padded dividers, with an R29 inside.
Padded Dividers on the inside of the soft case

Other features include two handles on either side of the case for ambidextrous carrying options, and it also features BACKPACK STRAPS!

Yes, all caps and an exclamation point for the backpack straps.

Carrying your bow into the field, up the mountain, or even on the range is so much easier with the backpack straps, especially for the shooters out there who might be using the crossbow due to a physical ailment.

The straps feature a connectable strap that goes across your chest, which further reduces the amount of weight / pressure placed on your shoulders or back.

Padded backpack case for 2019 Ravin Crossbows
Backpack straps reduce the carrying effort

Last but Not Least, the Arrow Case

Just as you would buy a case to protect your crossbow, you should also consider protecting your arrows with the new Ravin Arrow Case. A fully loaded arrow, with broad head’s and lighted nocks can also add up to a decent chunk of change, and a lot of shooters want to make sure their arrows are protected.

The new arrow case is a hard/soft crossover style case, and fits six Ravin Crossbow Bolts. The foam arrow holders are attached to the case via Velcro, so you can move them up/down the arrow shaft for maximum protection.

Ravin arrow case
Ravin Arrow Case with 6 arrows in it.

If you’re interested in any of these cases, please feel free to checkout their product pages on our store for more information.

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  1. I purchased a soft case for my R26 and absolutely love it!! Makes storing and traveling with my bow a breeze. Really great blog with great detail on each product. Thanks for sharing!!

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