Excalibur ProFlight Crossbow Arrow Review

3 Shot group from Proflight Excalibur Bolts
This is a 16.5″ proflight 3 shot group at 30 yards.

Along with a fantastic new lineup of innovative bows, Excalibur introduced a Premium crossbow arrow to their 2019 list of new products. The Proflight Premium Crossbow Arrows are the most accurate arrows Excalibur has ever introduced.

New Proflight Premium Arrows

The new arrows from Excalibur are actually a Black Eagle made arrow. Black Eagle has been making some of the most precise crossbow bolts for years, and these new Proflight arrows by Excalibur shoot lights out.

These arrows come in three different sizes.

  • 16.5″
  • 18″
  • 20″

The 16.5″ Proflight Arrows are made for the Micro Series of Excalibur bows. The 18″ bows are meant to be shot out of Matrix Series crossbows, such as the Bulldog 400, Assassin 420, and others. The 20″ arrows are for Standard limb bows that originally came with the Firebolt arrows such as the Equinox, Axiom, and Exo-Max.

NOTE: The new Micro 360 TD ships with Excalibur’s Quill arrows (16.5″). The new Assassin 420 TD and Bulldog 440 come standard with the 18″ Proflight arrows.


Tight Tolerances: The Proflight arrows feature a straightness tolerance of .001″ and a weight tolerance accurate to 1 grain. What this means is the arrows are as close to perfectly straight and even in weight as they can possibly get.

White Cresting: The white arrow wrap / graphic makes it much easier to see where your arrow went. Understanding your shot placement on an animal is vital to the recovery of an animal, and this white cresting is definitely a great addition that most people wouldn’t think about (myself included).

Blazer Vanes: Pro flights are fletched with 2″ Blazer Vanes at a 3 degree right helical offset. This helps create revolutions in the arrow which can increase down range accuracy.

It also helps in two other situations: loosing an arrow in the grass (it happens to the best of us) and for identifying blood. Bow-hunters have used white vanes / wraps for years to better understand the hit on an animal, and it’s an exciting introduction into the crossbow market.

Excalibur Proflight Arrow with Bood
Excalibur Proflight Hunting Arrows perfect for crossbow hunting

Lighted Proflights with Lumenok

The lighted / illuminated arrows are powered by an Orange Lumenok. The Burt Coyote Lumenok has been an industry leader in lighted arrow technology, and along with the white cresting these lumenok’s can dramatically increase your chances of seeing that arrow hit (especially on these higher speed crossbows).

NOTE: Please check state regulations regarding the use of lighted nocks.

Micro 360 TD with a full quiver of Illuminated proflights
Micro 360 TD with a full quiver of Illuminated proflights

We have all versions of Proflight arrows for sale on our website. The non-illuminated 6 packs are sold here and the illuminated 3 packs are sold here.

If you have any questions on these arrows, please feel free to reach out on our Contact page!

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