Excalibur Micro 360 Takedown Pro Review

For 2019, Excalibur took one of their most popular bows, the Micro Series, and gave it a ton of awesome new features. In years past, customers have flocked towards Micro series bows such as the Micro 308 Banshee and the Micro 355 for their narrow limbs, their undeniable reliability, and the ease of operation / maintenance. This year, they have introduced several new pieces of technology that make the Micro 360 Take Down Pro a unique, versatile, and highly functional crossbow.

2019 Micro 360 Takedown Pro in Kryptek Altitude Camoflauge
Excalibur’s 2019 Micro 360 Takedown Pro Crossbow, shown in Kryptek Altitude

Before we get into the review, let’s run over the advantages shooting a recurve style crossbow has compared to a compound crossbow.

  1. Reliability: With compound crossbows, you have to worry about things such as string timing and stretch, bending and denting cams, and the maintenance required to keep the cables, cams, and your bow in tune. With the Excalibur, there is none of that! If a string stretches, your bow should still shoot straight (it just might shoot slower). Which brings us to advantage #2.
  2. Ease of Maintenance: The beauty of the Recurve limbs is that you can change your bow string without a press! If you’re out in the field, make sure to keep a Stringing Tool from Excalibur in your pack along with a replacement Micro string. You can easily replace a broken or worn string on any Excalibur. Also, the only maintenance you really need to do frequently is apply serving wax and rail oil (Excalibur makes Ex-Wax and Ex-Slick just for this purpose).
  3. Incredible Warranty: Excalibur has a legendary lifetime warranty. Excalibur truly does go the extra mile to take care of their customers, should something ever go wrong with your bow.


At the heart of the Micro series is Excalibur’s Gen 2 Compact Recurve Technology. Having never deviated from what has and always will work, the engineers at Excalibur have truly mastered the art of creating the most efficient and effective recurve crossbows in the world.

One of the major selling points for this bow is the narrow limb factor. Wider limb bows can hit blind windows and scrape against brush / trees when entering the field. This, along with the more compact form factor, makes the bow balance extremely well when shouldered, having most of the weight supported close to your body.

The Micro 360 TD Pro v.s. Assassin 420 Limb Width

Standard Options

The TakeDown comes standard with a ambidextrous cheek-piece, a 4 arrow detachable quiver (with dovetail mount), and their Guardian Anti-Dry fire system as well.

The Micro 360 will come standard with 16.5″ Quill arrows, the same arrows that have came with Micro series crossbows for a number of years. New for 2019 Excalibur did come out with new ProFlight arrows, their straightest and most accurate arrows ever. The 16.5″ version are perfect for the Micro 360 TD and fly amazing too (believe me, I’ve shot some pretty crazy groups past 50 yards).

All of Excalibur’s best sound and/or vibration dampening accessories come pre-installed on this bow.

  • Sound Deadening System (SDS): Includes Ex-Shox, String Stars, Over-Moulded Rubber Stirrup, and R.A.V.S. (limb vibration dampeners).
  • Air Brakes: Installed onto limb assembly bolts; dramatically reduces noise and vibration.
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors: Absorb the bulk of the impact from the string, again greatly reducing noise and vibration.
The Micro 360 TD Pro comes with Excalibur's Air Brakes, Sound Deadening System, and REDS String Suppressors pre-installed.
Air Brakes, Sound Deadening System, and REDS.

The Micro 360 TakeDown PRO actually comes in 4 different configurations from the factory:

  • Mossy Oak without Crank
  • Mossy Oak with Crank
  • Kryptek Altitude without Crank
  • Kryptek Altitude with Crank
Micro 360 TD Pro in Both Kryptek Altitude Camo and in Mossy Oak Break Up Country (MOBUC)

Our recommendation would be to purchase the 360 WITH the Charger EXT Crank. While it is possible to pull back with a rope sled, it would get extremely tiresome after doing it more than a handful of times. The Charger EXT crank is silent, easily removable and reduces the cocking effort to just 12 pounds. It is also one of the safest cranks in the entire crossbow market.

New Technology

Quick Loc Limbs: The most anticipated innovation of the year, Excalibur has found a way (an excellent way actually) to quickly assemble and disassemble your crossbow. The new Micro 360, along with the Assassin 420 both feature the Quick Loc technology. By simply pressing one button on the bottom of the bow, you can completely take apart your crossbow. Easier to store, easier to travel with, and easier to carry out into the field, it’s easy to see how the Quick Take Down feature can be a huge benefit.

Quick Loc Technology actually has not only helped make the Micro 360 TD Excalibur’s FASTEST Micro Series bow, but it has also made the Pro version Excalibur’s QUIETEST bow ever!

ProShot ACP Trigger: Until this year, factory crossbow triggers have had a much longer and harder length of pull than many shooters were comfortable with. It’s no secret that precision rifle shooters usually have their triggers set on an extremely light and short length of pull to increase consistency, and to avoid any movement during the conscience shot process. The new ProShot ACP (Adjustable Custom Precision) cut’s the effort needed to pull the trigger by more than half, to just 3 pounds!

Along with a crisp pull, the trigger can also be adjusted from one to two stage configurations, features a silent manual safety, and features Frictionless Roller Technology, so grit and grime gathered from the field won’t get into your trigger box and ruin your bow.

Tact 100 Scope: One of the most popular Excalibur scopes of all time, the Tact-Zone, also got a big upgrade this year. The new Tact 100 features a 100 yard reticle for long range practice and quick adjustments in the field.

  • 15% Wider field of view than the Excalibur Tact-Zone.
  • Smooth speed dial adjustable for velocities of 300 to 450 feet per second.
  • Better low light transmission thanks to multi-coated lenses.

Test Shooting

This bow does shoot incredibly well for a seemingly “barbaric” system, and all Excalibur’s do tend to outperform their shooters (much like any crossbow). I had the pleasure to take a 360TD Pro turkey hunting in Wisconsin this spring, and it was a pleasure to get comfortable and shoot with.

I was actually shooting the new 16.5″ Proflight arrows and I was extremely happy with how they shot. The bow I was hunting with had a Tac-Pac and the Excalibur Cross-Pod installed, and I did most of my practice shooting from the prone position. I had several groups at 60 yards that would have been inside of the bottom of a pop can, or at the very least touching it.

Just the other day I took our floor display model out and sighted it in on the outdoor range. The below picture is my 5th three shot group after getting the bow dialed in at 20. This group was shot with 16.5″ Quill arrows, the same bolt that comes with the Micro 360 TD.

50 yard grouping with the micro 360 at the outdoor shooting range

What About Broad Heads ?

As many of you know who have talked to us here at Crossbowexpert.com, our favorite broad head for just about any bow is the NAP Kill-zone 2″ 2 Blade. This is a rear deploying mechanical broad head, and in our testing has been the most consistently flying, most accurate, and most dependable broad head we have shot.

The nice thing about the 360TD is that the speed isn’t so astronomically high that you can still get good grouping with the right fixed blade broad head.

Furthermore, if you want to shoot fixed blades, I would highly recommend shooting a 150gr. fixed blade broad head. The Bolt Cutters from Excalibur are a great choice, and have performed great for a lot of our customers. Another great choice to try would be the Slick Trick XBOW 150gr. for a 4 blade fixed blade, or the Rocket Ultimate Steel 100 for a 100gr. crossbow broad head.

Accessories / Ad On’s

Here is a list of our most recommended accessories for the Micro 360 TD. Excalibur makes tons of great accessories for their products, but here are a few that are most commonly used / purchased.

  • 1) Ex Wax: Lubricating wax made specifically for servings, normal bow wax is NOT recommended for use on servings. Ex Wax for Excalibur Serving
  • 2) Explore Case: This case was MADE for these take down bows, there are seperate limb and riser pockets, plenty of storage, and lots of different ways to carry it. (Read our review on it here). Excalibur Explore case for take down crossbows
  • 3) Ex Slick: Necessary for frequent shooting, the lubricating rail oil is necessary for proper care of your crossbow. Excalibur Rail Oil
  • 4) Ex Sling: Every hunter needs a good sling right? The Ex Sling looks good, and feels good when shouldered. Excalibur Crossbow Ex Sling
  • 5) T Handle Arrow Puller: These high energy bows can create some tough pulling arrows, and with Excalibur’s screw-in arrow puller, taking arrows of of your target has never been easier. T Handle Arrow Puller
  • 6) Crypt Case: For those looking for more of a traditional style soft case, the Crypt case is a great choice for Micro Series bows.


Here are the specifications for the Excalibur Micro 360 TakeDown PRO crossbow.

  • Speed (Up to): 360 feet per second (350 fps with SDS and Airbrakes installed; standard Pro configuration).
  • Weight (Bow Only): 5.6 pounds
  • Draw Weight: 285 pounds
  • Draw Length: 15″
  • Overall Length: 33.75″
  • Width Cocked: 20.75″
  • Width De-Cocked: 25″
  • Stock Style: Feather-Lite
  • Camo Patterns: Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Kryptek Altitude
  • Minimum Arrow Weight: 350gr.
  • Arrow Length: 16.5″
  • String Type: Micro
  • Product Codes:
    – #E73568 – Kryptek Altitude with NO Charger EXT Crank
    – #E73569 – Kryptek Altitude w/ Charger EXT Crank Included
    – #E73549 – Mossy Oak Break Up Country with NO Charger EXT Crank
    – #E73550 – Mossy Oak Break Up Country w/ Charger EXT Crank Included
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