TenPoint Vapor RS470 Review

TenPoint’s new reverse-draw flagship bow, the Vapor RS470 has so much new technology to be excited about, and lots of existing features we still love. For the first time in recorded history, crossbows can now be safely cocked and de-cocked thanks to the ACUSlide crank from TenPoint. The Vapor RS470 was introduced to replace the TenPoint XRT from 2019, and still shoots at speeds of up to 470 feet per second, which is unheard-of fast!

2020 vapor rs470 veil alpine
The New for 2020 Vapor RS470 in Veil Alpine Camouflage

Vapor RS470 New Technology

ACUSlide Cocking and De-Cocking System

This new cocking and de-cocking system from TenPoint is truly one of the most exciting innovations in crossbow manufacturing in recent years. For the first time ever, a crossbow manufacturer has found a way to safely and efficiently cock and de-cock a crossbow. The ACUslide utilizes an internal brake system that prevents dry firing during the cocking or de-cocking process. If at any time you let go of the cocking handle during the cocking OR decocking process, the unit’s brake system prevents the handle from moving or unwinding.

The Nylon Strap that connects to the trigger box has a load capacity of 1600 pounds, furthermore increasing the safety factor with the ACUslide cocking mechanism. When the bow gets back to fully cocked, instead of holding all of the pressure on the nylon strap, TenPoint has engineered the new Trigger-Lock Latch. The latch is made of solid stainless steel and ensures that your trigger box is set in the EXACT same spot, shot after shot. This is imperative for achieving maximum accuracy downrange; it’s the same concept of maintaining a consistent anchor point with traditional compound archery. TenPoint says that the trigger lock latch can improve downrange accuracy by up to 48%.

trigger lock latch from tenpoint

Furthermore, TenPoint has completely redesigned its stock and introduced the new Tex-X Stock. This new stock design cuts down on the overall size and weight of the crossbow by a half a pound, yet the bow retains all of its rigidity and comfort. Paired together with the ACUslide mechanism, TenPoint has continued to impress with its changes in 2020. Another innovation in the cocking / decocking process is the integrated rollers in the barrel, that act as bearings allowing for a super smooth cocking and decocking process. Overall, there just aren’t enough words to express how excited we are for this innovating cocking mechanism from TenPoint. Having shot and used them myself, I can assure you it will make waves in the crossbow industry.

Micro-Trac Barrel

Another innovation on the RS470 is the new Micro-Trac Barrel. The crossbow rail or “barrel” actually has two separate tracks, the outer track and a new “inner track” that is actually recessed below the outsides of the rail. What this does is allows the arrow to rest cleanly on the inner track, without having the string come into contact with it. This reduces the amount of string-to-rail contact by 50%, which not only helps with accuracy by reducing friction but also lengthens the sting life by reducing wear.

S1 Trigger

Along with their new ACUslide, TenPoint has re-engineered their trigger as well. The new S1 trigger is a two-stage, 3.5-pound pull rolling sear trigger. What this means is when you pull the trigger, the rolling sear gives you a nice clean, crisp feel. The benefit of a two-stage trigger is no travel after the initial first pull. The entire mechanism is built on a foolproof five-piece system, and it is truly a pleasure to shoot. Historically, crossbows have had very hard triggers for safety reasons, but because of innovations like the ACUslide, TenPoint is able to give shooters a match-grade style trigger, further improving the potential for downrange accuracy on the new Vapor RS470.

Other Features

EVO-X Marksman Scope

Although this isn’t a new scope, it’s worth mentioning that it does come standard with the Vapor RS470. This is TenPoint’s top of the line crossbow scope, and as you would expect it has top of the line features. The EVO-X Marksman has duplex crosshair markers from 20-80 inside of the scope, and yardage markers 20-60 are illuminated for low light hunting conditions. The speed ring is adjustable from 330 – 450 feet per second (the Vapor RS470 shoots 440fps with the supplied Centerpunch arrows, so no worries there).

Reverse Draw Performance

Reverse draw crossbows have been known to be some of the most balanced and smooth shooting crossbows ever developed, and its no different with the Vapor RS470. The limb pockets are positioned towards the center of the bow, which reduces the weight out in front and makes the bow incredibly comfortable to shoulder. Reverse Draw technology is also responsible for the exceptional performance out of a bow that is only 6.25″ wide when cocked.

Vapor RS470 Specs

Here are the full specifications for the Vapor RS470 crossbow from TenPoint.

  • Speed (w/ Prolite Arrow): 470fps.
  • Speed (w/ supplied Centerpunch Arrows): 440fps.
  • Weight (bow only): 8 Pounds
  • Draw Weight: 225 Pounds
  • Power Stroke: 17″
  • Width (Cocked): 6.25″
  • Width (Decocked): 12″
  • Length: 31″
  • Camo Pattern Options: Veil Alpine, Graphite

Custom Vapor RS470 Crossbow Packages

Package Includes

Here is what is included in the factory package. This is one of the most complete and inclusive factory packages ever sold with a crossbow.

  • Evo-X Scope
  • (6) Evo-X Centerpunch Arrows
  • (6) Illuminated Evo-X Centerpunch Arrows
  • Stag Hardcase
  • (3) Evo-X Centerpunch Broadheads
  • TenPoint Sling
  • Dovetail Bubble Level
  • Field Points
  • NEW Tech Quiver and Bracket
  • Assembly Hardware and Owners Manual(s)
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