TenPoint Vengent S440 Review

The new Vengent S440 from TenPoint is going to be a show stopper for 2020. The S440 is TenPoint’s flagship forward draw crossbow and features their revolutionary new cocking and decocking system, the ACUslide. This bow measures less than 6″ wide when cocked, making it one of the most narrow crossbows ever manufactured. With speeds up to 440 feet per second, this new bow from TenPoint is going to make waves in 2020 and beyond! Let’s get into a little more detail on what makes this bow so special.

The 2020 TenPoint Vengent S440 in Veil Alpine Camouflage

New Technology

ACUSlide Safe Cocking and Decocking

The newly introduced ACUSlide cocking mechanism is truly a revolutionary piece of crossbow technology. For the first time ever, crossbows can now be cocked and decocked, both safely AND silently. The ACUslide features a built-in brake system that prevents the crank handle from unwinding when decocking your bow. The RS440 is one of the first three bows ever introduced that can both SAFELY and SILENTLY be cocked and decocked. We could not be any more excited about this innovation from TenPoint. The internal brake system prevents the bow from being dry-fired during the cocking and decocking process as well, further increasing the safety offered by this bow.

The ACUslide has a Nylon Strap that connects directly to the trigger box, and the strap can withstand a load of up to 1600 pounds. Other crossbows with a sliding trigger box leave the full load of the bow on the strap while cocked, but another new innovation from TenPoint eliminates that stress as well. The new Trigger-Lock Latch holds the trigger in the cocked position in the exact same spot every time, increasing the potential for downrange accuracy. This is a similar concept that compound and traditional archers have used forever, which is making sure there is a consistent anchor point. According to TenPoint, this new Trigger-Lock Latch can increase accuracy by 48%.

trigger lock latch from tenpoint

The TenPoint RS440 also features a brand new stock design, the Tec-X Stock. The new design greatly reduces the size of the stock, and it reduces the overall weight by half a pound. Together with the new ACUslide, this stock maintains all of its rigidity and comfort. The new bow also comes with TenPoint’s new Xtend handle. This new handle from TenPoint extends from 5″ to 7.5″, which reduces the overall cocking effort by an additional 45%.

S1 Trigger

As if the ACUslide wasn’t enough, TenPoint designed and included an all-new trigger on the S440. The NEW S1 trigger is a 3.5-pound two-stage trigger. Until recently, crossbow triggers had to have a heavier pull for safety. As technology has advanced, triggers have caught up to the amazing innovations of these new crossbows. The S1 is built on a simplistic five-piece assembly. The Rolling sear design means you’re going to have a clean and crisp feeling shot, again and again.

Micro Trac Barrel

Along with the revolutionary ACUslide, the Vengent S440 also features TenPoint’s new Micro-Trac barrel. This new barrel design from Excalibur features an inner and an outer set of rails. The inner track that the arrow rests on is actually slightly lower than the outside rails. This innovation cuts down on string-to-rail contact by 50%, reducing the amount of string wear, and eliminating inconsistencies to increase accuracy.


Vengent S440 Specs

Here are the specifications for the new Vengent S440 crossbow from TenPoint.

  • Speed (w/ prolite arrow): 440fps.
  • Speed (w/ supplied Centerpunch arrows): 410fps.
  • Weight (bow only): 7.7lbs.
  • Draw Weight: 250lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 14″
  • Width (cocked): 5.8″
  • Width (decocked): 11″
  • Length: 35″
  • Camo Pattern Options: Veil Alpine, Graphite

Custom Vengent Crossbow Packages

Package Includes

The factory package includes the following items:

  • Vengent S440 Crossbow
  • Tech Quiver
  • 6 Evo-X Arrows
  • Blazer Soft Case
  • Bubble Level
  • Field Points
  • Assembly Hardware and Owners Manual(s)
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