TenPoint Viper S400 Review

New for 2020 from TenPoint, the Viper S400 crossbow features a lot of revolutionary technology. The new ACUSlide cocking mechanism is the first crank system EVER that allows you to safely and silently cock and decock your crossbow. Along with a new trigger and a new barrel, the Viper S400 is going to be an extremely popular bow for 2020 and beyond. Let’s dive in a little deeper and unpack some of the new technology that makes this bow so amazing.

TenPoint Viper S400 in Veil Alpine Camouflage

Viper S400 New Technology

ACUSlide Safe Cocking and Decocking

This new fully integrated cocking mechanism from TenPoint is truly leading-edge technology in the crossbow world. For the first time ever, you are now able to safely cock and decock your crossbow, and do it in complete silence. The ACUslide on the Viper S400 features a new built-in brake system, that prevents the crank from unwinding when being decocked. The new crank also prevents the bow from being dry-fired during either the cocking or decocking process, further adding to the safety features.

The ACUslide sits inside of a new stock design from TenPoint, the Tec-X Stock. This stock is smaller in profile and reduces the overall weight of the crossbow by half a pound. Not only does the bow retain its structural rigidity, but it’s still comfortable and convenient to shoot.

New S1 Trigger

This new trigger from TenPoint is built on a simplistic five-piece system. The S1 is a roller sear style trigger, which gives the shooter a crisp, clean feel when pulling the trigger. The trigger itself is a two-stage trigger, which means after the initial stage, there will be virtually no travel to fire the bow. New on the Viper S400, the trigger box actually slides down the rail to cock the bow. The trigger box is attached via a nylon strap that holds up to 1600 pounds. Rather than letting the nylon strap hold the entire load when the bow is cocked, TenPoint has engineered another new innovation that will further increase accuracy.

The Trigger Lock Latch is an innovative design that relieves the tension from the nylon strap connected to the ACUslide and lets the trigger box rest on the new latch. What this means is your bow is your trigger box is going to be in the exact same position every single time, which leads to 48% increased downrange accuracy.

trigger lock latch from tenpoint

Micro Trac Barrel

The Viper S400 features a newly designed Micro-Trac Barrel as well. This barrel features integrated rollers that allow the trigger box to smoothly and securely slide down the rail. It also has two separate grooves along the top of the barrel. The inner set of rails that the arrow rests on are slightly recessed into the barrel itself, which reduces string-to-rail contact by 50%. This not only eliminates friction which can reduce accuracy but it also dramatically increases the string life, which is a big concern on these fast high powered crossbows.


TenPoint Viper S400 Specs

Here are the full specifications for the new TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow

  • Speed (w/ Prolite Arrow): 400fps.
  • Speed (w/ Supplied Centerpunch Arrow): 370fps.
  • Weight (bow only): 7.5lbs.
  • Draw Weight: 250lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 11″
  • Width (cocked): 7.2″
  • Width (decocked): 11″
  • Length: 32″
  • Camo Pattern Options: Veil Alpine, Graphite

Custom Viper S400 Crossbow Packages

Package Includes

The factory package includes the following items:

  • Viper S400 Crossbow
  • NEW Tech Quiver
  • (3) Evo-X Centerpunch Arrows
  • Assembly Hardware and Owners Manual(s)
  • Field Points
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  1. I have a raven R26 , I have looked this bow over very carefully . I really like it . This bow should go over really well with those of us in wheel chairs . I love the adjustment on your crank length . This bow I believe could be cranked very easily with a electric drill driver where you can set the torque . Might be something to look into to design for people with disabilities . Great looking bow , plenty fast , designed vey well . If I could sell my Raven I would get one

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