Excalibur Assassin 400TD Review and Buying Guide

The New for 2020 Excalibur Assassin 400TD continues off of the success of the Assassin 460 and Assassin 420 from years past. The 400 Takedown is one of two new bows featuring Excalibur’s new High Output Express limbs with Armour Tips. Also features Excalibur’s Tru-Fit stock with adjustable butt plate and cheek piece, the Assassin can fit nearly any shooter in any weather condition. The Assassin 400TD truly is a top of the line crossbow by every stretch of the imagination. You get a fast, safe, and reliable crossbow at an industry-leading price.

Features / Technology

NEW High Output Express Limbs

Made of continuous strands of uncut fiber, the new Express Limbs put out an incredible amount of power and performance in an extremely narrow form factor. The new Express limbs also feature Excalibur’s new Armour Tips, which are attached to the limbs and are virtually indestructible. Express limbs generate a lot of kinetic energy, and on both new bows, put out speeds of 400 feet per second. We are really excited to see how well these new limbs perform in 2020 and in the future.

Charger EXT Crank

The Assassin 400 Takedown comes standard with Excalibur’s Charger crank built right in. The Charger is one of the safest crossbow cocking mechanisms on the market, with the ability to quietly and safely cock and de-cock your crossbow. The trigger box itself actually slides down the rail and attaches to your string, giving you a consistent “latching point” every time for repeatable accuracy. This is a similar concept compound archers use with having a consistent anchor point.

The stock does not feel bulky or inconvenient to shoulder at all, and with the Truefit stock, any shooter can get this bow to feel tailer made to their desired feel. Also new for this year is a small cutout in the riser that allows you to unlatch the trigger box from your string. Simply insert a

Quick Loc Technology

Introduced in 2019, Quick Loc Technology is the backbone of all of Excalibur’s Takedown series bows. Quick Loc gives you the ability to easily assemble and disassemble your crossbow in just a matter of seconds. Pressing down on one small blue lever and pushing forward on the foot stirrup quietly detaches the front end from the stock. To re-assemble, simply slide the front end onto the barrel and pull the foot stirrup up, locking it into place.

I’ll admit when the technology was first introduced I myself was skeptical that these bows would retain their accuracy. However, after shooting and hunting with a Micro 360 Takedown for all of 2019, I am sure these bows maintain their accuracy. I was able to consistently put three Proflight arrows in a circle the size of the bottom of a pop can at 60 yards, even after assembling and disassembling my bow 30+ times.

Pro-Shot ACP Trigger

The 2 stage frictionless Proshot ACP (adjustable custom precision) trigger is a big upgrade for shooters looking to get the most consistent grouping downrange. The ACP can be set to a one or two-stage configuration and comes from the factory set at a 3-pound pull. This lighter pull reduces the possibility that a shooter will jerk the crossbow throwing off your shots. In my opinion, improper shooting techniques are the main factor affecting most people’s accuracy and consistency.

Assassin 400 TD Specifications

Here are the specs for the new Assassin 400 Takedown from Excalibur.

  • Speed (up to): 400fps.
  • Mass Weight (bow only): 7.9lbs.
  • Draw Weight: 325lbs.
  • Draw Length: 15″
  • Overall Length: 30-33″
  • Width (cocked): 20.5″
  • Width (de-cocked): 25″
  • Takedown Carry Size: 25″ x 10″

Recommended Accessories

  1. Illuminated 16.5″ Proflight Arrows 16.5 inch illuminated excalibur proflight arrowsThe Proflight arrows from Excalibur are now being manufactured by Black Eagle Arrows. These new Proflights are exceptional arrows and the illuminated version(s) featuring Orange Lumenok flat nocks are super useful when hunting in low light. Also, knowing where your arrow hit is crucial information to the proper recovery of an animal, and having the lighted nock sure helps when the arrows are flying as fast as they are out of the Assassin 400 Takedown.
  2. Bolt Cutter 150gr. Broadheads Broadheads are another essential aspect of the crossbow hunting game. If your plan is to hunt with a fixed blade broadhead, look no further than the 150gr. Bolt Cutter Broadheads from Excalibur. Available in packs of 3 or 6, these broadheads leave a devastating blood trail and are extremely tough and durable. (Note: Shooting fixed blade broadheads out of bows shooting at 400fps or higher can be very tough. If you’re fixed blade broadheads won’t fly right, try switching to a 2 blade mechanical broadhead, like the NAP Killzone).
  3. Ex Sling Whether it’s walking from your garage to the ladder stand, or spending an afternoon in the mountains looking for bugling elk, having a good sling can make or break your day while out hunting. Excalibur’s Ex-Sling features non-slip grips, heavy-duty swivels, and a quickly adjustable padded strap to fit nearly any shooter.
  4. Stringing Tool One of the greatest features of the simplistic recurve limb design from Excalibur is the ability to maintain your crossbow no matter where you are. The Stringing Tool fit’s right in your pack or crossbow case and allows you to quickly change out your crossbow string (which reminds me, you might want to pick up a replacement Micro crossbow string too).
  5. X Slick Excalibur X Slick Crossbow Rail LubricantIt’s necessary to properly lubricate your crossbow rail due to the amount of friction the string has when fired. Ex-Slick comes in an easy applicator bottle, is odorless and non-toxic, and will greatly prolong the life of your string if used properly (every 10-15 shots is a good benchmark).
  6. Ex Wax Ex Wax for Excalibur Serving The center of your crossbow string is served for durability and because it receives all of the contacts with arrows / the rail. Excalibur’s Ex Wax is specifically made for preserving the life of your serving. The compound comes in a tube similar to a travel size deodorant bottle. Simply apply a small amount across the serving (and strings if desired) and work it into the serving using your index and thumb.
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  1. Just bought one of the Assassin 400 TD.
    Top quality. Micro platform fits me well as I’m of smaller build. Reliable, fast. So far I see nothing that was short changed on this crossbow. It’s worth every dollar, to have a crossbow that’s reliable.

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