Excalibur Micro 340TD Buying Guide

Following a successful launch of its Quick Loc Technology in 2019, Excalibur has introduced a great new bow with the Quick Takedown Feature for 2020. For less than $1000 anyone can get into a flat shooting, reliable, and lethal crossbow with a quickly removable front end. This bow comes in two different configurations this year, with a standard option offered in Mossy Oak Breakup Country and a Dealer only configuration in Realtree Timber. There are a few differences between the two, so we’ll go ahead and break that down right away. (For the sake of this review, we are going to look at the Dealer Only configuration, as we fully expect it to be more popular than the standard configuration).

340 TD Standard340 TD Dealer Only
Camo PatternMossy Oak Break Up CountryRealtree Timber
Sound DeadeningR.E.D.S.R.E.D.S, Sound Deadening System, and Air Brakes
Price$899.99 $999.99

Main Features

Quick Take Down Technology

Without a doubt, the main draw to the Micro 340 Takedown is getting into a bow with Quick Loc technology at a great price. With just two simple steps, the front end can be completely removed and re-attached to the main stock assembly. The best part about this whole system is there is zero loss to accuracy, no matter how many times you do it. I personally tested a Micro 360 TD last year and hunted/shot the bow all year round, and the Quick Loc outperformed my expectations. Paired with the Explore Takedown Case, this bow can be stored and transported in an extremely small and compact package.

Air Brakes and SDS Pre-Installed

Yes, the Dealer Only configuration in Realtree Timber comes standard with Air Brakes and the Sound Deadening System pre-installed from the Excalibur factory. Paired with the R.E.D.S. string stops, the Micro 340 TD shares the exact same dampening features as the Suppressor model bows. What that means is because of the reduced speeds and the suppression package, this bow is going to be one of the, if not the quietest bows Excalibur has ever built.

Tact-100 Scope

The standard package Micro 340 in MOBUC comes with the Deadzone scope, which is Excalibur’s entry-level crossbow scope. The dealer only configuration comes standard with their Tact-100 scope which has been very well-liked by those who’ve shot it, myself included. The scope itself is compact and not bulky, meaning you will have no trouble finding a comfortable spot on the rail for mounting. It features Red and Green variable illumination, and a 100-yard multiplex reticle.

Compact Micro Limb Technology

The very popular Micro series from Excalibur has been built on their Gen II Recurve limb Technology. The Micro 340 TD measures just 21.5″ wide when cocked and 25″ when un-cocked. Why does this matter? Well, when you’re bringing your bow into the field, you don’t have to worry about your limbs sticking out and banding into brush/trees. If you’re hunting out of a ground blind or box blind, wider bows have a tendency to accidentally hit the sides of the blind, causing damage to either the bow, the blind or both. The Micro series helps to eliminate some of that worry as its narrow frame is not nearly as bulky as Matrix series bows.

Excalibur’s Warranty and Service

Every Excalibur Crossbow sold is backed by a Lifetime warranty. Now, saying that a product is covered by a lifetime warranty is one thing, but having a company bend over backward to make sure it’s customers are taken care of is another. Excalibur’s warranty and service department is top-notch quality, and if/when problems do arise, they are very easy to deal with. Truly you cannot put a price on peace of mind when dealing with archery equipment that goes through so much abuse in the field.

Excalibur Micro 340TD Specs

Here are the specs for the Excalibur Micro 340 Takedown:

Excalibur Micro 340TD Spec Sheet Infographic

Recommended Accessories

  • 1) Explore Takedown Soft Case Excalibur Explore case for take down crossbowsThis soft case from Excalibur was built with the Takedown bows in mind. It features separate pockets for both the limbs and main stock assembly, as well as ample storage pockets for your quiver/arrows, Charger EXT crank, etc. This case is an excellent way to store your bow when not in use but is also useful for carrying to and from the field.
  • 2) Ex-Slick Rail OilExcalibur X Slick Crossbow Rail Lubricant The center serving on your string will create a lot of friction on the rail when fired, and it’s important to properly lubricate both the rail and your string to ensure longevity. The Ex-Slick rail oil from Excalibur is Odor-free, weather-resistant, and comes in an easy applicator bottle. Simply apply a small amount to the left and right sides of the rail every 10-15 shots for proper maintenance.
  • 3) Ex-Wax Serving and String WaxEx Wax for Excalibur Serving Normal bowstring wax will actually hurt your serving, causing it to separate and jeopardizing the integrity of your string. The Ex-Wax from Excalibur is specifically formulated for center servings. Apply a conservative amount to the center servings and strings as needed to help prolong string life.
  • 4) Illuminated 16.5″ Quill Arrows Ex Wax for Excalibur ServingIlluminated arrows make regular shooting more fun, but they also help to identify shot placement in a hunting scenario. Knowing where your arrow hits is very important to decide whether or not to go in after an animal or not. These arrows come standard with an Orange Lumenok flat nock installed.
  • 5) Extinguisher Arrow Puller These high powered crossbows can make it really tough to pull arrows out of certain targets. That’s where the Extinguisher arrow puller comes in handy. Not only does it make arrow removal significantly easier, but it also helps to turn off the lumenok’s on the Lighted Quill arrows.
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