Excalibur Micro AXE Review and Buying Guide

The new Axe from Excalibur crossbow is one of the most affordable and highest performances Micro series crossbows Excalibur has ever introduced. Shooting at speeds of up to 340fps and featuring Excaliburs Gen II Recurve Limb technology, the Axe brings a never before seen value into the Excalibur lineup.

PLEASE NOTE: Crossbowexpert.com is one of Excalibur’s largest independent dealers nationwide. Excalibur has two different models of the Micro Axe 340: the Basic model which is found at major box stores (Mossy Oak Break Up Country Camo) and the Dealer Exclusive option (shown above) which includes 1) Upgraded Tact-Zone scope, 2) Air Brakes and Sound Deadening System, and 3) Kryptek Raid camo pattern, all for no additional cost. For the sake of this review, we will be looking at the Dealer Exclusive option, as it is even more of tremendous value.

Main Features

Performance at a Price:

The Micro Axe 340 brings a totally new level of performance at a price point that has previously been unheard of. If you buy an Axe, you’re getting a bow from one of the world’s most renowned leaders in crossbow innovation. This bow features some high-end technology at a very reasonable, or dare I say “low-end” price. The Axe 340 shoots at speeds up to 340 feet per second with the included Micro Quill arrows and 100gr. field tips. In my opinion, this is a perfect sweet spot as far as speed goes for the majority of big and small game hunting in the U.S.

Another feature on the Axe 340 that is sure to be overlooked is the fact that the bow sits on an aluminium frame/riser. The majority of crossbows in this price point come with a moulded polymer rail of some sort, which is less likely to be as precise in the manufacturing process as the CNC machined Aluminium riser on the Axe 340. Usually, when bows are introduced at this price point, consistency and accuracy are a very commonly sacrificed first. However, with the aluminium rail paired with Excalibur’s premium trigger, the Micro Axe 340 will not disappoint when sending arrows downrange.

Gen II Recurve Technology

The Gen II Recurve Micro Limb set on this bow gives it an exceptionally narrow look and feel. For over 35 years, Excalibur has been implementing and perfecting recurve crossbow technology, and the Micro Axe 340 is an excellent example of what that has amounted too. After years and years of refining, the crew from Kirchner (the headquarters of Excalibur in Ontario) is able to produce and sell extremely narrow, powerful, and reliable crossbows to consumers around the globe. In the cocked position, the Axe 340 measures just 21.5″ wide; I’ve caught largemouth bass longer than that! When it’s de-cocked, it measures 25″ wide. Having a narrow front end gives the hunter an advantage when shouldering the bow into the field/woods. The narrow form factor is also useful when shooting out of ground blinds or box blinds because the limbs won’t jut out and smack a window frame and potentially damage the bow or the blind.

Guardian Anti-Dry Fire Technology

As the crossbow industry has advanced and grown, safety has become more and more important when it comes to shooting and hunting alike. The Guardian anti-dry fire from Excalibur is one of the safest anti-dry fire mechanisms on the market. The system is simple, effective, and easy to operate should anything ever go wrong. Having the peace of mind when out in the field or simply in the backyard is very nice, especially when you’re dealing with a powerful machine like the Axe 340.

Legendary Excalibur Warranty and Service

We say it all the time, almost like a broken record. To complement the reliability of the recurve limbs, the Excalibur Axe 340 comes with a lifetime warranty. Excalibur has a proven track record of being one of the most reliable and easiest to work with customer service departments in the entire archery industry. Not only does Crossbowexpert.com go out of its way to serve its customers, but Excalibur practices the same practice as well. We have tremendous results dealing with Excalibur should a problem ever arise with a bow.

Dealer Exclusive Axe 340

The Dealer Exclusive Axe 340 has several upgrades from the base package that truly will make a difference in your crossbow shooting/hunting experience. First, the Dealer-Only bow comes in Kryptek Raid Camouflage pattern, rather than the traditional Mossy Oak Break Up Country. Second, the bow comes with Excalibur’s Tact-Zone scope, rather than the Deadzone. The biggest difference between the two scopes is the Tact-zone has Red and Green variable illumination. This means that in low light shooting conditions, you can actually light up the reticles inside of the scope. This is especially useful for those golden hour hunts when deer or turkey are most likely to appear. The third difference between the two bows is the Dealer Exclusive option comes standard with the Sound Deadening System and Air Brakes pre-installed from the factory, making this one of the quietest crossbows ever produced by Excalibur.

Excalibur Axe 340 Specs

Here are the specs for the Excalibur Micro AXE 340.

Excalibur Micro Axe 340 Crossbow Specs Infographic
  • Speeds (Up To): 340fps.
  • Power Stroke: 13″
  • Draw Weight: 270lbs.
  • Cocking Effort: 135lbs.
  • Width (Cocked): 21.5″
  • Width (De-Cocked): 25″
  • Total Length: 31.75″
  • Weight (Bow Only): 5.5lbs.

Recommended Accessories

  • 1) Ex-Slick Rail OilExcalibur X Slick Crossbow Rail Lubricant One of the most important maintenance items is rail oil. Excaliburs Ex-Slick is odor-free, non-toxic, weather-resistant, and greatly increases your string life if used properly (we typically recommend every 10-15 shots). The center serving creates a lot of friction with the rail when fired, and if not cared for properly your string could potentially burn up or wear out very quickly. The easy applicator bottle makes applying oil to the rail foolproof.
  • 2) Ex-Wax String and Serving WaxEx Wax for Excalibur Serving Excalibur’s Serving Wax, called Ex-Wax, is made to lubricate the center serving and string on your Excalibur crossbow. Apply a conservative amount to the center serving (every
  • 3) Illuminated 16.5″ Quill Arrows16.5 inch illuminated excalibur proflight arrows Shooting illuminated arrows not only makes target practice more fun but it also helps with seeing where your point of impact is on an animal, which can be vital information for recovery. These arrows come standard with Orange Lumenok’s that show up very, very bright. I personally do not hunt with anything other than a lighted bolt, I’ve never even put a broadhead on a non-lighted bolt.
  • 4) Stringing Aid Another beautiful feature of the recurve limb design, you can actually change the string on your Axe 340 right in the field, or wherever you happen to be. The Stringing aid from Excalibur makes it super easy to remove and replace your crossbow string.
  • 5) Replacement Micro Stringcrossbow replacement string and cable thumbnail There’s nothing really fancy about this item, but it’s important to keep one handy just in case something should happen. Along with the help of Excalibur’s Stringing Aid, you can easily and quickly change the string on your Excalibur crossbow.
  • 6) Excalibur Crypt Soft Case Excalibur Crypt Soft Crossbow case for Micro BowsThis green/camouflage soft case from Excalibur is made specifically for Micro limb set bows. This case features a good amount of padding and plenty of pockets for all of your accessories you want to carry with you.
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