Excalibur Micro Suppressor 400 Takedown Review and Buying Guide

The new Micro Suppressor 400 Takedown (TD) is one of the most exciting new bows introduced to the 2020 Excalibur Crossbow lineup. Built to supersede the Micro Suppressor (one of Excalibur’s best selling bows ever), this new bow features a lot of high-end features at an amazing price. Although this bow is a Micro series bow, it’s being built with a completely new limb set, coined the “High Output Express Limbs” with new Armour Tips.

Main Features

High Output Express Limbs with Armor Tips

The new High Output Express Limbs give this Micro series bow the ability to shoot 400 feet per second. The new limbs are made of 100% continuous strands of fiber, meaning there are no cuts in the fibers that make the limb from start to finish. What this means is that the express limbs are able to retain and hold more energy than ever before. The new limb tips are designed and attached to the limb in a way that makes them nearly indestructible.

Quick Loc Technology

Quick Loc Technology is what powers the easily removable front end on Excalibur’s new TakeDown Series bows. By simply pressing one lever under the front end and by pushing up on the foot stirrup, you can easily assemble and disassemble your crossbow in a matter of seconds, with zero loss to accuracy. I have personally taken apart and reassembled a Micro 360 Takedown over 50 times and the bow has had zero problems with retaining its zero. Not only does this technology make storing and transporting your crossbow more convenient, but paired with the Explore soft case from Excalibur, your Takedown bow can be easily cased and brought anywhere in the field with you.

Fully Suppressed Front End

Both the SDS and Air Brakes help to eliminate vibration and quiet down the Micro Suppressor 400 TD. The SDS includes rubber RAVS which are wrapped around the limbs themselves and help to dissipate vibration after a shot. Also included are the string stars and the Ex Shox. The two string stars are inserted into the string on either side of the center serving. The Ex Shox are applied to the inside of the limb tips with an adhesive backing. Air brakes are the metal bars on the front of the bow and really help to quiet these bows down. Installing Air Brakes onto any Excalibur will cause you to lose a little bit of speed, but it’s nothing to be concerned with at all. The Suppressor 400 will shoot around 388 or 390 feet per second with Air Brakes installed.

Removeable Charger EXT Crank

The Suppressor 400 TD is meant to be used with Excalibur’s industry-leading removable crank, the Charger EXT. Not only is this one of the most efficient and safest cocking mechanisms on the market, but the fact that the Charger EXT is easily attached and detached is excellent. After you’ve used the crank to cock the Suppressor, you can take it off and store it in your Explore case or backpack. This makes carrying, maneuvering and shooting the bow much easier. The EXT features a built-in clutch, so when you’re cocking your bow back, the handle will never unwind on you.

Excalibur’s Warranty and Service

We’ve said it before, but a major benefit to owning an Excalibur is receiving industry-leading support and a legendary lifetime warranty. Although Excalibur’s are built to be extremely reliable and durable, sometimes things happen and when they do, it’s nice to know that you’ve got a company that will go out of their way to make sure your problem is resolved. Our customers (and ourselves) have had tremendous luck dealing with Excalibur’s customer service team, and it is definitely a major selling point.


Here are the Specs for the 2020 Excalibur Micro Suppressor 400 Takedown.

  • Speed (up to): 400fps.
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • Draw Weight: 325lbs.
  • Width (Cocked): 20.5″
  • Width (Decocked): 25″
  • Total Length: 32″
  • Weight (Bow only): 5.9lbs.
  • Takedown Size: 26.35″ x 9″

Recommended Accessories

  • 1) Explore Takedown CaseExcalibur Explore case for take down crossbows This soft case from Excalibur was designed for Takedown style bows and has two separate compartments for the stock and riser assembly. The case features several straps/handles to carry with, along with plenty of padded pockets for all of your gear. If you’re going to buy a Takedown crossbow, this is the soft case you want!
  • 2) Ex-Slick Rail OilExcalibur X Slick Crossbow Rail Lubricant Lubricating the rail on your Suppressor 400 TD Crossbow is very important to preserving the life of your string. The center serving is moving very quickly and creates a lot of friction on the crossbow rail when fired, so using Ex Slick rail oil every 10-15 shots will help to save your string. Ex Slick is odor-free, non-toxic, and weather resistant.
  • 3) Ex-Wax Serving Wax Ex Wax for Excalibur ServingTraditional bowstring wax can actually cause damage to servings and cause them to separate. Excalibur’s Ex-Wax is specially formulated to lubricate and preserve your serving and string as well. Ex Wax comes in a small applicator bottle similar to a travel-sized deodorant. Simply apply a conservative amount to the serving and string, and work the compound into the string using your thumb and forefinger.
  • 4) Illuminated 16.5″ Proflight Arrows 16.5 inch illuminated excalibur proflight arrowsThere is no doubt that shooting an illuminated arrow is beneficial during a hunting scenario. Being able to identify point of impact on an animal is very important for deciding whether or not to retrieve the animal quickly or not. Even if you’re just practicing in the back yard, shooting illuminated arrows is a lot more fun. These arrows come standard with Orange Lumenoks that are nice and bright pre-installed.
  • 5) NAP Killzone BroadheadsExpandable Crossbow Broadheads for Sale Broadheads can be a tricky subject among crossbow shooters and compound bow hunters alike. Since their introduction, mechanical broadheads have been loved and hated by shooters around the world. We here at Crossbowexpert.com absolutely love the NAP Killzone 2″, 2 Blade broadheads. These broadheads fly just like a field point, the blades stay shut during flight, and there are no O-rings required. For faster crossbows, it is very difficult to get a fixed blade broadhead to fly right, that’s why we recommend shooting a 2 blade mechanical out of your new Suppressor 400 Takedown.
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