TenPoint ACUSlide Cocking Mechanism – Safe and Silent

ACUslide Overview

TenPoint’s new ACUslide crank cocking mechanism is the safest and easy to use crossbow cocking system ever invented. 2020 is the first year TenPoint bows have been able to be de-cocked, which is an exciting new feature in itself. The engineers at TenPoint Crossbows decided to take it one step further, and create an integrated crank system that features a unique brake system that prevents the crank handle from free spooling when decocking. This is a first for the crossbow world, and will surely push the envelope for safe crossbow designs for years to come. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what makes this ACUslide crank from TenPoint so exciting.

The below video was shot at the ATA show in Indianapolis. Long-time TenPoint employee and good friend of Crossbowexpert.com Randy Wood give’s us an in depth explaination of the ACUslide cocking mechanism.

ACUSlide Features

Safe De-Cocking

This is the most exciting feature of the new ACUslide system. The new crank design can be safely decocked thanks to an internal brake system that will stop the crank from unwinding under pressure. This is not only a new feature from TenPoint but a new feature in the crossbow industry as a whole. At any point during the cocking or de-cocking process, if you let go of the handle, it won’t unwind under the pressure of the limbs. It really is one of the safest crossbows designs ever invented, and it’s available on three different crossbows. The Vapor RS470, which is the reverse draw flagship bow for 2020, the Vengent S440, and Viper S400 all feature the new ACUslide technology.

Completely Silent

The new ACUSlide crank system is completely silent when being cocked or decocked. That means there are no clicking noises made by any gears or levers inside of the unit. The crank itself is also fully integrated into the stock, which is a newly designed stock from TenPoint that actually cuts down on the overall weight in comparison to previous models. The stock is called the Tec-X Stock and cuts out about 1/2 pound of weight without compromising rigidity.

The bow can only be cocked on the right side of the bow, which might be a little uncomfortable for left-handed shooters. I have however successfully cocked the bow with ease having the scope facing towards me and using my left hand to draw the bow back. Normally I would be a little wary, but thanks to the safe decocking feature on this bow I am comfortable doing it.

Xtend Handle

You wouldn’t think that there could be any innovation in a crank handle, yet somehow TenPoint found a way to improve upon theirs. The Xtend Handle is just 5″ long in the stationary position, but is extendable to 7.5″. When the handle is fully extended, it reduces the weight requires to turn the crank down to about 5 pounds, which is extremely light. Also included with the handle is a small metal rod or pin that is used to detach the trigger box from the string in the uncocked position.

S1 Trigger

This new S1 trigger from TenPoint is included on all three bows the ACUslide is available on; the Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, and Viper S400. This 2 stage trigger has a 3.5-pound pull and is built on a simplistic 5 piece system. This is a Roller Sear trigger, which gives a very nice crisp/clean feel when pulling through the shot. This new trigger is attached to the crank via a nylon rope and actually slides down a newly designed rail to attach to the string. A light trigger pull is something that precision shooters have desired for centuries, and until recently crossbows never had them due to safety. Thanks to over 25 years of crossbow innovation and loads of safety features, TenPoint is now starting to introduce really exciting triggers.

TenPoint S1 acuslide trigger

Trigger-Lock Latch

Other crossbow manufacturers have had similar systems in which the trigger box slides down the rail to attach to the string. Most of the trigger boxes, including TenPoint’s, are attached via a nylon strap capable of withstanding many pounds of force (TenPoint’s strap is rated up to 1600 pounds). The ACUslide system features a newly designed Trigger-Lock Latch, which is a stainless steel piece of metal that holds the trigger box in place at full draw, instead of the nylon strap. This is an overlooked but important feature for being consistently accurate, as it ensures the trigger rests in the exact same spot every time the bow is cocked. TenPoint’s trigger also slides down the barrel on two stainless steel rollers which make cocking and decocking a very smooth process.

Overall, if you’re looking for your first or fifth crossbow, give the new 2020 TenPoint Crossbow lineup a look. The Vapor RS470, Vengent S440, and Viper S400 all feature the new ACUslide crank cocking mechanism. The bows are loaded with features that are going to keep you safe, satisfied, and successful in the field.

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