Wicked Ridge M-370 Lightweight Crossbow Review

The M-370 Crossbow from Wicked Ridge Crossbows is an unbelievable value in the crossbow world. Shooting at speeds of up to 370fps, and weighing in at only 5.8 pounds, the M-370 is definitely a bow you’re going to want to do some research on if you’re in the market for a new crossbow in 2020.


Extremely Lightweight: This bow is the lightest crossbow on the market currently, weighing only 5.8 pounds barebow. With the scope, quiver, three arrows, and the rope sled on the bows, it hit our scale at right around 7 pounds. This bow is also built right here in America, which is rare to find in a crossbow at this price point.

The M370 from Wicked Ridge Crossbows weighs only 5.8 pounds.

Compact and Maneuverable: This front end might look very similar to the front end from last years’ Turbo M1 and Titan M1, and that’s because they are nearly the same. TenPoint (Wicked Ridges’ Parent Company) designed this bow off of the M1 platform, which was the most popular bow in the TenPoint lineup in 2019. This bow is just 9.5″ wide when cocked, and 14″ wide when uncocked. That means you won’t be dragging your limbs through any brush or knocking them against the window frame in your box blind.

Wicked Ridge M370 Width 9.5 Inches

T4 Trigger: This is an exceptional trigger for a crossbow at this price point. The T4 trigger from TenPoint has a crisp 3.5-pound pull and breaks really cleanly. There is a little bit more travel in this trigger than in other higher-end bows, but the 3.5-pound pull is a significant advantage over other bows at this price point. The M370 trigger also features a Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI) and automatic engaging safety. That means you cock your bow in the fire position and the trigger automatically moves to safe once the bow is cocked back.

Available with ACUdraw: This bow is available in two different configurations: with a Rope Sled Cocker and with TenPoint’s renowned ACUdraw crank cocking mechanism. The ACUdraw is not a silent crank, but it does make cocking the bow over and over again a breeze. On top of that, it’s safe and easy to use as well. Here are some of our favorite features of the ACUdraw. The handle sits flush right into a pre-drilled mounting slot on the underside of the buttstock for easy storage.

  • Reduces the draw weight to about 5 pounds when being operated manually.
  • The ACUdraw unit is lightweight and has no bulky accessories or add-ons.
  • Draws the string back evenly every time for consistent accuracy downrange.

M-370 Specs

Here are the Wicked Ridge M-370 Specs:

  • Speed (w/ 370gr. ProLite Arrow): 370fps.
  • Speed( w/ 435gr. Supplied XX75 Arrows): 350fps.
  • Length: 35″
  • Width (uncocked): 14″
  • Width (cocked): 9.5″
  • Power Stroke: 13.8″
  • Draw Weight: 180lbs.
  • Weight (barebow): 5.8lbs.
  • Available Cocking Options: Rope Sled, ACUdraw
  • Camo Pattern: Peak


The biggest concern I hear from customers who are looking to buy a “value” crossbow is that they are worried they won’t get the accuracy that they would out of a higher-end bow. Well, you’re probably not going to, the bows that are out today are so technologically advanced that they are capable of amazing accuracy, and their prices reflect that. However, what I can also tell you is that 99% of the time, a crossbow of any price range will outshoot the person behind it.

I’ve had the pleasure to shoot so many different models of crossbows, and every single one of them is a better shot than I am. When it comes down to it, these bows really only need to be accurate enough to give you enough confidence to be lethal at an ethical shooting distance (most scenarios, 40-60 yards). The below picture is the third, fourth, and fifth shot I have ever taken out of an M-370 crossbow. This is a grouping from 20 yards with the supplied XX75 arrows, and as you can see, I pulled a shot left. I was also not shooting off of a completely sturdy rest, I was shooting off of a tripod shooting stick.

At the time I am writing this review, it is 15 degrees outside and there is roughly 18″ of snow on our outdoor 70-yard shooting range, so I haven’t been able to stretch the legs on this M370 yet, but when I do I will be sure to update this review.

Another important point to make is unlike Wicked Ridge models of the past, this bow require the use of the Alpha Nock introduced by TenPoint in 2019. This unique half-moon style nock features elongated ears and rounded edges that give you more string-to-nock engagement. This is one of the safest nock designs on the market, so if you’re planning on replacing your current Wicked Ridge Crossbow, you’re going to have to get a few replacement Alpha Nocks for your old arrows.


Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations outlined below, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, Horton Crossbow Innovations, and Wicked Ridge Crossbows guarantees its crossbows against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect the operation of the crossbow for the lifetime of the original owner, except for the bow limbs, scope, and cocking devices, which are warranted for five (5) years from the date of purchase, and strings and cables, which are not covered by this warranty.
This warranty only becomes effective if activated by the purchaser within 30 days of the purchase date by completing the warranty registration online or by contacting our Customer Service Department at 330-628-9245. Tenpoint Crossbow Technologies, Horton Crossbow Innovations, and Wicked Ridge Crossbows reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to accept proof of purchase in lieu of a complete warranty registration.

Information from https://www.tenpointcrossbows.com/warranty-info/


Overall, if your looking for a new crossbow this year take a look at the Wicked Ridge M370. Even if you’re looking for something with a few more bells and whistles, pick one up and shoulder it. It’s pretty crazy how light the team at TenPoint and Wicked Ridge were able to make this bow while maintaining accuracy and all of the other features we’ve grown to love about their bows.

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  1. Thank you for the post. It helped me pull the trigger on the M-370. I’ve only shot it a few times as of this writing, but I am pleased so far. Can I get some help with bolts for hunting? I’m new to crossbow hunting, so I am not sure what to purchase for hunting. The XX75 bolts that came with it are 435 grains. I’ve lost a couple of vanes already so I’m not super impressed with them so far. I see that are a very low-end bolts from a price standpoint, but I don’t know what I should use for hunting. What weight bolt would you recommend for this crossbow? Should I stick with aluminum, or go to something lighter in carbon. Looks like I could pick up 20 fps by going down to a 370 grain bolt. Is that a good bolt to shoot broad heads with?
    I guess this also begs the question of what broad heads should I buy (I don’t have a clue!)? I’m solely going to hunt whitetails, and other than that, I’m not sure what else I need to consider.
    Sorry for all the questions, but any insight into a good hunting setup for the M-370 would be greatly appreciated!

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