TenPoint Turbo M1 v.s. Titan M1 Complete Review

The Turbo M1 and Titan M1 crossbows were introduced by TenPoint in the 2019 season. These two bows were TenPoint’s most popular models that year and for lots of good reasons. A lot of the time, crossbow hunters are looking for that perfect sweet spot between price and performance, and the M1 series from TenPoint fills that void perfectly. Both bows are American Made, feature Limited Lifetime Warranties, and are accurate enough to be lethal to 50 yards and beyond.

M1 Crossbow Features

As you can see, both bows are very similar in size and shape. The most recognizable difference between the two is camo patterns. The Turbo M1 is offered in Mossy Oak Break Up Country, while the Titan M1 is Truetimber Strata camouflage.

Both crossbows come with an excellent trigger introduced in 2019 by TenPoint, the T5 Trigger. One of the biggest pain points with crossbows of the past is the amount of creep or travel in a trigger. To execute a clean and error-free shot, user’s should strive to execute a surprise shot rather than punching the trigger.

This trigger has 50% less creep than triggers on previous model TenPoint crossbows and also features an anti-dry fire mechanism for added safety. The T5 trigger is an excellent trigger, and to have it included on both the Turbo M1 and Titan M1 is a huge advantage.

A closer look at the features on TenPoints T5 crossbow trigger.

Another new innovation from TenPoint in 2019 was the Alpha Nock, which is an extraordinary improvement on crossbow nocks. The new design is similar to half-moon nocks of the past, but with a slightly new design that results in much better string-to-nock engagement. The sides of the nock are tapered to eliminate “string pinch” that can occur on some of the new narrow style crossbows.

TenPoint has completely replaced their old Omni-nock system and is requiring all of their crossbows to be used with the new Alpha Nock. You can also get illuminated nocks from TenPoint, coined the Alpha Brite.

Alpha Nock and Green Alpha Brite Lighted nock from TenPoint Crossbows
TenPoint Alpha Nock and Alpha Brite Green Nock engaged with Narrow crossbow string

Crank Options

Between the two models, TenPoint has all of its standard crank options available. The Titan M1 is available in a Rope Sled or ACUdraw model, while the Turbo is available in ACUsled-50 (built-in rope sled) and ACUdraw Pro models. The main difference between the ACUdraw and ACUdraw pro is that the ACUdraw pro is completely silent when being cocked.

*NOTE* Neither the Turbo or Titan can be de-cocked, they must be shot in order to get the bow uncocked. Common options for hunting scenarios are carrying a discharge bolt with a blunt tip, shooting a field tip arrow into the ground (perhaps an older practice arrow) or using a small target to discharge the bow into.

Rope SledACU-50ACUdrawACUdraw Pro
Titan M1Yes NoYesNo
Turbo M1NoYesNoYes


Both of these bows are very efficient in the speed category. The Turbo M1 is advertised with a max speed of 380 feet per second, while the Titan M1 has an advertised max speed of 370 feet per second. TenPoint gathers it’s speed ratings with their Pro-Lite arrow, which is a 370-grain arrow (with a 100gr. field tip installed).

These bows do ship with a Pro Elite arrow, which weighs 400 grains (with a 100gr. field tip installed). This means the realistic speeds for both bows with the supplied arrows are 370fps. for the Turbo, and 360fps. for the Titan.

I strongly suggest sticking with a Pro Elite or upgrading to TenPoint’s EVO-X Centerpunch arrow. The heavier arrow weight will help to stabilize your arrow in flight (especially with a fixed blade broadhead) and will also give you more penetration when shooting at a live target. The reduction in speed is not something to be worried about in my opinion.

One of the most common questions I get asked day in and day out by current and aspiring crossbow hunter is:

“Does the speed difference between bow A and bow B make a difference?”

The short answer is most likely no. People have been effectively killing deer with bows shooting 250fps. for years! What matters more, in my opinion, is proper arrow set up for an accurate flight path and proper weight for penetration. The difference between 380fps. and 360fps. would not concern me at all if choosing between two crossbows.

Turbo M1 and Titan M1 Specifications

Here are the specs for the Turbo M1 and Titan M1 crossbows:

Turbo M1Titan M1
Speed – ProLite Arrow (370gr.)380fps.370fps.
Speed – Pro Elite Arrow (400gr.)
*Supplied Arrows*
Speed – Centerpunch Arrow (445gr.)350fps.340fps.
Width (cocked)9″9″
Width (decocked)14″14″
Power Stroke14″14″
Weight (Bare Bow)6.4lbs.6.4lbs.
Camo PatternMOBUCTruetimber Strata


Both of these bows are going to be very accurate shooters out to 40-50 yards. If you’re looking to break arrows at 50 or beyond this may not be your best bet, but the majority of ethical hunting shots are less than 50 yards anyway. Both the Titan and the Turbo come with the Pro Elite arrows from TenPoint, which weigh 400 grains (with a 100 gr. field tip installed).

Warranty / Customer Service

Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations outlined below, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies…guarantees its crossbows against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect the operation of the crossbow for the lifetime of the original owner, except for the bow limbs, scope, and cocking devices, which are warranted for five (5) years from the date of purchase, and strings and cables, which are not covered by this warranty.

Recommended Accessories

  1. Illuminated Pro-Elite 400 Arrows: The 2019 Turbo and Titan models were supplied with Pro-Elite arrows that weighed roughly 425 grains. TenPoint’s new for 2020 Pro-Elite arrows weight 400 grains, and these illuminated arrows are super useful for hunting and fun for target shooting as well.
  2. Spiderweb 18XL Crossbow Target: We firmly believe there is no better crossbow target on the market. The 18XL is our most popular crossbow target. It stops arrows or bolts traveling at any speed, and they can be removed extremely easily. Top tier target for crossbows and regular archery equipment alike.
  3. Scorpion Venom Crossbow Care Kit: This kit includes everything you’re going to need to properly care for your new M1 crossbow. Their string fluid and rail lube is made of industry-leading materials and is odorless.
  4. TenPoint Blazer Case: This unique and high-quality backpack case from TenPoint is the perfect companion for the Turbo M1 or Titan M1. It comes with convenient carrying straps, backpack straps, and several other useful pockets.

Custom Turbo M1 and Titan M1 Crossbow Packages

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