New Excalibur Crossbows For 2022

Crossbow shooters eagerly anticipate the release of new crossbows every year and 2022 is no different.  Excalibur Crossbows just released their new 2022 crossbows and the lineup is sure to excite both Excalibur enthusiasts and shooters thinking about making the switch to recurve crossbows.  Excalibur’s tag line is “Different For A Reason”.  They pride themselves on making simple, easy to use, and extremely durable crossbows.  Let’s take a look at the new releases for 2022 from Excalibur Crossbows.

Excalibur Micro 380

Excalibur Micro 380 Crossbow

The legend is back and it’s more narrow than ever.  Nearly a decade ago, Excalibur released their first Matrix crossbow.  The Matrix 380 was narrower than their traditional crossbows and boasted 380fps, a speed that was then, unheard of in a recurve crossbow.  Demand was through the roof, and shooters fell in love with them.  The 380 is back for 2022 but this time it’s a Micro 380.  

The Micro 380 is the first Micro to offer Excalibur’s Cease-Fire Technology.  This anti-dry fire system virtually eliminates dryfire and partial dryfire situations.  The Excalibur Micro 380 is perfect for the run-and-gun hunter or the treestand hunter looking for a compact crossbow that delivers big-time performance.  

The Excalibur Micro 380 is available starting at $999.99 in Mossy Oak Breakup Country.  It is $1099 in Realtree Excape with an upgraded Overwatch Scope, SDS System, Air Brakes, and upgraded ProFlite Arrows.  The Excape version is not available in box stores.

Excalibur TwinStrike Tac 2 Crossbow

Excalibur TwinStrike Tac 2 Crossbow

Last year’s TwinStrike offered crossbow hunters a second shot, something never seen before in a crossbow.  In 2022, Excalibur has another TwinStrike crossbow, the Tac2.  The Excalibur Tac 2 features black limbs and a black stock.  It’s been a while since Excalibur offered a black crossbow and for those of you asking, Excalibur is delivering.  

The Tac2 features the same DualFire Technology as last year’s TwinStrike but in a more compact package.  It’s about an inch shorter than the TwinStrike and shoots 340 fps compared to 360 fps.  But it comes with a more affordable $1499.99 price tag.  That includes a removable Excalibur Charger crank, scope, quiver, and arrows.  The Tac 2 is perfect for the ground blind hunter looking for something to blend into the back of the blind or anyone else that appreciates the tactical look.  

Excalibur Mag Air Crossbow

Excalibur Mag Air Crossbow

While the Mag Air is on the budget end of the Excalibur Crossbow lineup, it may actually be the most anticipated Excalibur of the 2022 releases.  The Mag Air is the lightest crossbow ever built by Excalibur.  The company says it weighs just 4.9 pounds without accessories and 6.7 pounds with accessories attached.  We haven’t put one on a scale yet but did get a chance to test shoot it and the Mag Air is extremely light!  This crossbow is also delightfully affordable at just $549.99

The Mag Air is built to be light and compact so it’s not a speed burner at 305 fps.  However, that’s still going to be faster than most vertical bows in the woods and people have been killing deer at sub-300 fps speeds for centuries.  The performance may limit your effective range but make no mistake, the Mag Air still has more than enough power to kill big bucks in the deer woods.  

Like the Tac2, the Mag Air only comes in black so it’s perfect for those who love a black weapon and of course, ground blind hunters.  

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