Our selected pick of crossbow broadheads. Choosing the right broadhead is something that nearly every customer has a question about, so we will give some general insight here.

Crossbow Broadhead Tip #1: Higher speed bows tend to fly better with either 1) Aero-dynamic broadheads (small diameter fixed blade and 2 blade mechanical heads).

Crossbow Broadhead Tip #2: Heavier fixed blade broadheads generally have better downrange accuracy (150gr. as opposed to 100gr.).

Our Top Crossbow Broadheads

Mechanical Broadheads:

  • NAP Killzone, 2″ – 2 Blade 100gr. Broadhead. We recommend this broadhead to nearly all of our customers. This broadhead utilizes a true mechanical blade retention system, and consistently stays closed during flight, and opens upon impact.

Fixed Blade Broadheads:

  • 100gr. – Rocket Ultimate Steel 100gr. This is a small fixed-blade broadhead, but if you’re hunting bigger animals or just want the most consistently straight flying fixed-blade broadhead, this is our top pick.
  • 150gr. – Excalibur Bolt Cutter 150gr. Even if you’re not hunting with an Excalibur, we have found that this broadhead consistently flies better than other similar broadheads on the market.

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Showing all 20 results