Alpha-Brite Lighted Nock System TenPoint Crossbows – 3 Pack (Green)


Alpha-Brite 3-Piece Lighted Nock System

28% Better String-to-Nock Engagement




TenPoint’s New Alpha-Brite nock system is a great continuation of the Alpha Nock design. The Alpha Nock is designed to have 28% better string-to-nock engagement. This results in consistent accuracy.

  • Elongated tips or “ears” create a deep groove for the bowstring to sit into which results in more consistent nock placement.
  • Rounded edges prevent nock pinch from narrow style crossbows.
  • Interchangeable and easy to use, the Alpha-Brite system is fool proof!
  • Approximately 8 hour batter life per LED unit.
  • Works with Evo-X Center punch, Pro Elite, Pro Lite, and XX75 Magnum TenPoint arrows.

*Alpha Nocks required for all 2019 and Newer TenPoint Crossbows. Failure to do so will void manufacture’s warrenty.

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Package Includes

(3) Green Alpha-Brite Nock’s

(3) Green LED Lite Sticks

(3) Yellow Receivers for EVO-X Centerpunch and Carbon ProElite arrows

(3) Green Receivers for Carbon ProLite Arrows

(3) Orange Receivers for XX75 Aluminum Magnum Arrows

(6) Replacement LED O-Rings.

Receiver seating tool


Yellow Receiver – 0.297″ Arrow Inside Diameter – for EVO-X Centerpunch and ProElite Arrows

Green Receiver – 0.300″ Arrow Inside Diameter – for ProLite Arrows

Orange Receiver – 0.305″ Arrow Inside Diameter – for Aluminum XX75 Magnum Arrows

8 Hour Estimated Battery Life per LED Lite Stick


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