Excalibur Assassin 420 TD Crossbow Expert Pro Package

$2,099.99 $1,994.99

Excalibur’s Flagship Crossbow for 2019!

The Assassin 420 Take-down features revolutionary Quick Loc Technology

Assemble and disassemble your bow in Seconds, with ZERO Loss to accuracy.

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NEW for 2019, the Assassin 420 Take Down (TD) shoots 420 feet per second, adjusts to nearly any shooter, has a built-in silent crank, and can be disassembled in SECONDS!

NEW Quick Loc Technology lets you easily take your front-end right off your riser, making traveling or carrying your crossbow to the stand much more convenient!

The bar for Crossbow triggers has been raised, with the NEW Pro-Shot ACP, match grade trigger from Excalibur, you’ll see tighter and more consistent shooting.

The .001+/- tolerance NEW Proflight arrows (Excalibur’s most accurate ever) paired with a NEW Tact-100 scope will give you the option to shoot out to 100 years with just a simple adjustment in aim.

Additional information

Camo Pattern

TrueTimber Strata, Realtree Edge


  • NEW Pro Shot ACP Trigger: The Pro Shot ACP trigger breaks at just 3.2 pounds of pressure, allowing you to achieve the tightest and most accurate groups possible. With match grade precision accuracy, and full adjustability from a 1 to a 2 stage trigger, the Pro-Shot ACP will help your arrows hit their mark every time.
  • “Xpert Tip” – A more sensitive trigger pull eliminates the “creep” or “travel” in the trigger which can cause what looks like a well lined up shot to be pulled off target at the last second.
  • NEW Quick Take Down Technology: Never before has an innovation been introduced to the crossbow world that makes disassembling your crossbow a breeze. Simply push the locking slide, pull down your boot stirrup, and slide your whole front end off your riser. The best part; it re-assembles in seconds, with ZERO loss to accuracy!
    • “Xpert Tip” – The Assassin 420 take down fits perfectly in an Excalibur Explorer case. It has separate pockets for both the limbs and rise, and has plenty of accessory space.
  • NEW Tact-100 Scope: The Tact-100 is an improvement off of their Tact-Zone scope. This scope features a Multi-coated lens for better low light transmission; a 100 yard multiplex reticle, and a Red/Green illuminated reticle.
  • NEW Proflight Arrows: Along with so many great upgrades to their crossbows, Excalibur has also introduced their most precise and straightest arrow ever, with just a .001 +/- straightness tolerance and a .001 grain tolerance. Simply put, these arrows will find their mark!
  • Time-Tested Recurve technology for the most durable and worry free construction on the crossbow market today.

Package Includes

  • Excalibur Air Breaks (Installed) ***
  • Excalibur Sound Deadening System (Installed)***
  • Four 18″ Proflight Premium Crossbow Arrows
  • Tact-100  Illuminated Crossbow Scope
  • Three 18″ Illuminated Proflight Crossbow Arrows***
  • 6 Ultimate Steel 100gr. Crossbow Broadheads***
  • Excalibur Replacement Stringer***
  • Excalibur Matrix Replacement String***
  • Excalibur Explore Case ***
  • Ex-Slick Rail Oil ***
  • Excalibur 4 Arrow Quiver
  • Pro-Shot ACP Trigger
  • Guardian Anti-Dry Fire
  • R.E.D.S. Supressors
  • Four 100gr. Field Tips
  • Fail Safe Strap

***Denotes Upgrade from Factory Package


  • Speed [Up To]: 420fps
  • Weight [Bow Only]: 8lb
  • Cocking Effort: 14lb
  • Draw Weight: 290lbs
  • Draw Length: 18.875”
  • Overall Length: 33-36”
  • Width Cocked / De-Cocked” 23.25” / 30”
  • Stock: Tru-Fit



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