R29X Crossbow Platinum Package – Ships Fully Assembled


ALL NEW for 2020!

The Ravin R29X Crossbow

  • Integrated SILENT Crank.
  • 450fps TRUE arrow speed with 400gr. arrow!
  • Legendary accuracy and incredibly compact.
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Package ships Fully Assembled inside of the included Plano Spire Hard Crossbow case.

The Ravin R29X is the flagship crossbow from Ravin Crossbows this year!

– The R29X features an all-new Silent Crank, which means no more audible clicking noises while cocking your crossbow in the stand.

– This is the fastest crossbow ever built by Ravin Crossbows, shooting a 400gr. arrow (300gr. arrow weight, 100gr. field tip/broadhead weight) 450 feet per second!

– Helicoil Technology rotates cams from on top and below the crossbow keeping them perfectly level when firing.

– Trac Trigger technology increases accuracy by attaching the trigger in the same spot more precisely every time than a traditional rope sled.


The R29X Platinum Package Includes: 

– Ravin R29X Crossbow

– Ravin 100yd. Crossbow Scope (Red / Green Illuminated)

– Ravn Scope Rings

– (15) .003 Ravin Crossbow Arrows / Bolts (.300fps arrow weight, 400gr. weight w/100-grain tip installed). *

– Ravin Vibration Dampeners * (Ships Installed).

– Ravin Padded Crossbow Sling * Ships Installed).

– Ravin Serving Fluid *

– Ravin Arrow Puller *

– (6) NAP (New Archery Products) Killzone 2″, 2 Blade 100gr. Cut on Contact Crossbow Broadheads *

– Plano Spire Compact Hard Crossbow Case*

– Ravin Quiver

– Ambidextrous Quiver Mount

– Ravin Cocking Handle

– Warranty Registration and Owner’s Manual.


R29X Crossbow Specs:

– Speed: 450fps. (the true speed with 400gr. total arrow weight)

– Weight: 6.75 Pounds (Bare Bow)

– Overall Length: 29″

– Width Cocked (axle-to-axle): 6″

– Width De-cocked (axle-to-axle): 12.5″

– Power Stroke: 12.5″

– Kinetic Energy: 180 foot pounds.

– Draw Weight: 12lbs.

– HeliCoil Technology

– Silent Cocking System


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