Ravin R29 Crossbow Platinum Package – Full Assembly

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FULLY ASSEMBLED Ravin R29 Crossbow Package

Ravin Crossbows has come out with some revolutionary designs the past few years, and 2019 is no different!

Ships fully assembled: Ready to go right out of the box, assembled by experts with thousands of bows shipped!

  • Revolutionary Helicoil technology delivers a devastating 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy!
  • Extremely lightweight and compact for extreme maneuverability in the field.

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Introducing the all new, Ravin R29. At just 29” in total length and maintaining the 6” axel to axel cocked width from previous models, the Ravin R29” is as stealthy as they come. The R29 shoots 430fps out of the box, carrying 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy down range. Their Helicoil technology keeps these bows ultra-compact, quiet, and super powerful.

  • 29 inches In Total Length; Just 6” Axel-to-Axel when cocked!
  • Helicoil Technology: The Helicoil technology coils cables away from the top and bottom of the cams at the exact same time, making your crossbow extremely efficient and ensuring your timing is always true. The Helicoil technology is what separates Ravin from the rest of the pack!
  • Versa-draw Cocking System: The Versa-draw is a fully integrated, ambidextrous cocking mechanism built right into the stock of the Ravin R29, which is an extremely high end and convenient feature! This super quiet and efficient crank reduces the cocking force of this crossbow down to just 12 pounds, allowing just about anyone to cock this bow!
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System: The Trac-trigger patented firing system combines the trigger and cocking mechanism all into one. Simply slide the unit down the rail and attach it onto the string in the same spot, every time, allowing for straight-line nock travel.
  • Frictionless Flight System: Along with creating perfectly timed cams, the Helicoil technology that makes Ravin crossbows so efficient also allows the arrow to float freely above the rail, eliminating friction which creates more consistent and accurate shots down range.

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Cocking Mechanism


Hard Case

Plano Spire Compact Hard Case, Ravin R29 Hard Case (+$200.00)


Rocket Ultimate Steel 100gr. 1" Fixed Blades, NAP Killzone 2", 2 Blade Expandable Broadheads

Ravin Packages



  • Helicoil Technology
  • Versa-Draw Cocking System
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System
  • Frictionless Flight System

Package Includes

  • Upgraded Hawke XB-30 Pro Crossbow Scope ***
    • 1.5-5 x 24mm Illuminated Premium Crossbow Optic
  • Full Assembly ***
  • 3 Arrow Quiver with Ambidextrous Mounting Bracket
  • Versa draw cocking handle
  • (12) 400gr. Ravin .003″ Arrows ***
  • (3) Illuminated 400gr. .003″ Ravin Arrows ***
  • Ravin Vibration Dampeners ***
  • Ravin Serving Fluid ***
  • Ravin Sling***
  • Plano Spire Hard Case OR (+$200) Ravin R29/R26 Specific Hard Case ***
  • (6) Rocket Ultimate Steel 100gr. 1″ Fixed Blade Broadheads OR (3) NAP Killzone 2″ 2 Blade Mechanical Crossbow Broadheads ***

***Denotes upgrade from factory package


  • Speed: 430fps
  • Power Stroke: 12.5”
  • Kinetic Energy: 164 foot pounds.
  • Draw Force: 12 Pounds
  • Width Axel-to-axel: 6” Cocked
  • Width Axel-to-axel: 10.5” Un-Cocked
  • Total Length: 29”
  • Physical Weight: 6.75lbs.


1 review for Ravin R29 Crossbow Platinum Package – Full Assembly

  1. Chris

    I called the guys at Crossbowexpert.com and ordered this package over the phone. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. I looked around for a better price. The prices are in line, but they put it together and it was ready to shoot and sight in when I received it. The shops I went to didn’t have them in stock, and the no one else was offering the put together package. I thought it would have been closer to hitting the bullseye out of the box. It was 6 inches to the left at 20 yards. Pretty easy to move the scope.

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