Ravin R500 Crossbow


Ravin R500 Crossbow

PREORDER SPECIAL: Pre-order the Ravin R500 Crossbow for $100 down and receive 6 FREE arrows!

(Package Cost: $2999.99)

(Expected Ship Date: May 2021)

  • 500 Feet per second performance.
  • Built-in VersaDrive cocking mechanism allows for cocking and uncocking.
  • Measures just 3.6″ wide axle-to-axle when cocked!


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The all-new Ravin R500 crossbow is a revolutionary new piece of equipment from Ravin Crossbows!

Ravin R500 Features

  • VersaDrive System: Allows for safe cocking and decocking, and prevents over-cocking.
  • SPEED: This bow shoots an incredible 500fps.
  • HexCoil Cams: Rotates cams a full 360 degrees for maximum performance.
  • Compact Performance: This bow measures just 3.6″ wide axle-to-axle when cocked.

Ravin R500 Specs

  • Speed: 500fps.
  • Weight: 8.4lbs.
  • Length: 28″
  • Width Cocked (axle-to-axle): 3.6″
  • Width Decocked (axle-to-axle)” 7.6″
  • Power Stroke: 15″
  • Kinetic Energy: 222ft. lbs.
  • Draw Force: 17lbs.

Additional information


Ravin Crossbows

Factory Package

  • R500 Crossbow
  • (6) Ravin .003 400gr. Arrows
  • (6) 100gr. Field Tips
  • Removeable Draw Handle
  • Quiver and Quiver Mounting Bracket
  • 100yd. Illuminated 550fps. Scope
  • Anti-dry fire Mechanism with Auto Safety
  • Built-in sling mounts


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