Spyderweb ST 18 XL Portable Target


Crossbow test & Crossbow approved would be the best way to describe the ST 18 XL.

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Spyderweb ST 18 XL Portable Target

Experience the combination of amazing stopping power and smooth, easy arrow removal with the SpyderWeb ST 18 XL No Speed Limit Archery Target. The sturdy frame will not move when shot, even when firing from the fastest compound bows and crossbows on the market. There is no need for an arrow puller either, because the SpyderWeb ST 18 XL No Speed Limit Archery Target will hold up to thousands of shots while the Spylar face guarantees miraculously fast and easy arrow removal.

Put the fun back into your shooting with a SpyderWeb ST 18 XL No Speed Limit.         

  • You will enjoy how easy it is to remove your arrows and bolts
  • Amazing stopping power with No Speed Limit restrictions
  • Self-Healing Spylar last for thousands of shots
  • Leave your Target outside with Weather Proof Design
  • Molded Handle for easy transport.
  • Target will not move when shot due to Free Standing Frame
  • Field Point Only
  • Works well for both large and small diameter arrows.
  • 18” x 18″ x 14”            35 Pounds   

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