TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Review

If you’re looking for a mid-priced crossbow that delivers premium performance, check out the TenPoint Titan Xtreme.  

The TenPoint Titan Xtreme is Ten Point’s most affordable crossbow… but the Titan Xtreme is definitely not light on features. In fact, it has many of the same features as flag ship models from other companies. The Titan Xtreme will reach speeds up to 333 feet per second with Ten Point’s Pro Lite arrow. These speeds are reached with just 180 pounds of draw and a 12.5 inch power stroke. The TenPoint Titan Xtreme also includes Ten Point’s 3X Pro-View 2 scope, three Magnum XX75 arrows, and a quiver. The Titan Xtreme has some great safety features as well. The crossbow has an auto-engage ambidextrous safety, anti-dry fire mechanism and in 2014 the bow includes safety wings under the rail to help keep your fingers safely out of the path of the string.

The Titan Xtreme is no newcomer to the crossbow market. The TenPoint Titan has been around in some form since 2000. However, TenPoint continues to make it better. The safety wings used to be an add on accessory that was kind of clunky to use. The new wings look good on the crossbow and don’t feel out of place when using it.

CrossbowExpert.com did some extensive test shooting with this crossbow in early January of 2014. We found the trigger to be excellent compared to just about any other crossbow we’ve shot. The Titan Xtreme grouped arrows very well, better than many crossbows that cost more. Noise is always a question mark with any crossbow and the Titan Xtreme is not overly loud.

Titan extreme crossbow hunting package
TenPoint Titan Xtreme Crossbow Package

At 18.5 inches when cocked, the TenPoint Titan Xtreme is one of TenPoint’s wider models but again, not wide enough to be a detriment. The riser is fully machined aluminum which stands up to a lot of abuse but is of course heavier than TenPoint’s more expensive carbon models.

The Ten Point Titan Xtreme is advertised at 333 fps with the Pro Lite arrow and we chronographed our test model at 335 fps. However, keep in mind the bow package includes TenPoint’s Magnum XX75 aluminum arrows. These arrows weigh 65 grains more and deliver slightly more kinetic energy downrange. However, you lose about 20 feet per second in speed with them. If 312 feet per second is enough for you, these arrows are fine. However, to reach the full potential of this crossbow, you will need to upgrade your arrows.

The Titan Xtreme is available with Ten Point’s ACUdraw crank system, ACUdraw50 integrated rope cocker or with no cocking assist mechanism. If you go with this option, you will get a rope cocker with your bow.

For more information on the Titan Xtreme check out the product page.

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